Kochanek Wielkiej Niedzwiedzicy: [in 2 vols]. Tom 2 [Sergiusz Piasecki] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get this from a library! Kochanek Wielkiej Niedźwiedzicy. [Sergiusz Piasecki]. [Kochanek wielkiej niedzwiedzicy.] Lover of the Great Bear. [A novel.] (Translated by John Mann.). by Sergiusz Piasecki; John MANN, pseud. Print book. English.

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Oskar rated it really liked it Nov 13, Kate rated it really liked it Jan 29, In late JulyPiasecki was wandering in the forests south of Wilno.

Dominik rated it really liked it Mar 18, M rated it it was amazing May 28, It is impossible to explain, said Andruszkiewicz, why so many of his official wieokiej contain made up niedwiedzict. Marcel Eff rated it it was amazing Niedwiedzciy 19, As his knowledge of standard Polish was poor, he would learn from a school book of Polish grammar. Ijon Tichy rated it it was amazing Jul 30, There, he incited another riot, and was moved to Koronowo and later to Wronki. The researchers are unable to prove any of his family names, surnames and pseudonyms used during the war.

His personal documents in possession of Piasecki’s son: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. MK rated it it was amazing Jun 21, He saw with his own eyes the barbarity of the Bolshevik revolution, and from then on, became an avid anti-Communist. In the first Kochanek Wielkiej Niedzwiedzicy was again one of the most sold book in the country, according to the Rzeczpospolita daily.

It is not known what underground organizations Piasecki belonged to as wielkeij is no proof of any.

A few days later, Piasecki and Niewiarowicz robbed a suburban train near Wilno, and, due to Niewiarowicz’s lover’s confession, they were caught, tried and put in jail in Lida. Afterwards, he was asked to join Polish intelligenceas his language skills he spoke Russian and Belarusian fluently were wielkifj regarded.


Piasecki became a writer by chance.

As he was regarded a troublesome prisoner, he was often kept in isolation ward, where he got sick with tuberculosis. Pawian rated it it was amazing Feb 05, The latter date was presented by Piasecki on several occasions, probably because he deliberately wanted to mislead the authorities.

Sergiusz Piasecki

Return to Book Page. He was an illegitimate son of a russifed Polish nobleman Michal Piasecki and a Belarusian mother Klaudia Kukalowicz, a servant working for the Piasecki family, whom Sergiusz never met.

Jacek Musial rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Thus, a Belarusian unit under Polish command was created, and soon Piasecki was transferred to Warsaw ‘s school of infantry cadets. In February Piasecki was fired from the Polish intelligence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Refresh and try again. Later, it was established that Piasecki was under the influence of cocaine, and he needed the money to cover bail for his friend, Antoni Niewiarowicz.

All that he possessed was a revolver.

Conversely, Piasecki hated the Russian school — as he later explained — and in the seventh grade, armed with a pistol attacked the teacher. Even niedwiedxicy he had never been a niedwieczicy of the Home Army he said he worked for its executive branch No 2, which — like many of his stories — was never confirmed[4] he had cooperated with the Polish resistance, and in became an executioner, carrying out capital punishment sentences handed down by underground Polish courts.

Kochanek Wielkiej Niedźwiedzicy: (in 2 vols). Tom 2. by Sergiusz Piasecki

So, he wrote a satire The memoirs of a Red Army officerwhich presents a made-up diary of Mishka Zubov – an officer of the Red Armywho, together with his unit enters Poland on September 17, Andrzej Babirecki rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Foreign spies as a rule were all executed by the Soviets, while smugglers were only incarcerated for a few years.

Allegedly, he discovered connections between Soviets and some Polish V. Destitute, he found himself in a desperate situation. Haemorrhoid rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Marcin rated it really liked it Dec 15, His childhood was very difficult also, because children at school mocked his Polish roots, calling him “Lach” which, in loose translation, is the Russian equivalent of the ethnic slur Polack. InPiasecki moved to England, his name can be found on a resolution of Union of Polish Writers in Exile, which urged all concerned to stop publishing in the Communist-occupied country.

Lists with This Book. Moreover, this was not only about the money. According to his autobiographical writing, at the time of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia in NovemberPiasecki at age sixteen, found himself in Moscow.

These events were later described by him in Kochanek Wielkiej Niedzwiedzicy. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Sergiusz Piasecki Polish pronunciation: In Aprilhe escaped to Italywhere he spotted the Italian translation of his own Kochanek Wielkiej Niedzwiedzicy.

Sergiusz Piasecki – Wikipedia

This provided him with a fortune, but Piasecki did not keep the money to himself. Bohatyr rated it really liked it Feb 08, Zubov claims in his “diary” that his only purpose is to kill all the bourgeoisie who possess watches and bicycles.

So, the enterprising agent found another source of income wielkieu smuggling.