You will find the contact details for KLAW Products Ltd. More information. Marine Breakaway Couplings protecting assets, personnel and the. KLAW Industrial Breakaway Couplings are suitable for 99% of all liquids and.

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The experience and track-record of KLAW enables you to minimise risk to assets, personnel, the environment and reputation and protect against downtime and clean-up costs, litigation and injury. We are the Australian distributor of Bernecker products. Klaw Marine Couplings are suitable for all transfer applications where protection must be fitted between two sections of flexible hose. Rubber Hoses — Our range of rubber hoses are made suit almost any applications. It therefore minimizes risk of spill and reduces the risk of damage to assets, injury to personnel, extended downtime and contamination of the environment.

Demand for more wells, more footage with fewer rigs drives drill bit design December ShaleTech: Magazine December Free Trial Subscribe. Choosing KLAW means you have taken the right precautions in delivering a safe and reliable product transfer system.

KLAW launches new marine breakaway coupling

The Arctic November Centralizer sub optimizes cementing performance November KLAW Easy Reset Facility is also fitted as standard on the Marine2, which means the coupling can be serviced or reset after activation within the line — again reducing downtime and stress on the hose due to the reduced need for additional handling. Composite Hoses — We offer high quality composite hoses including: They also protect against downtime and clean-up costs, litigation, injury, increased insurance and investment costs caused by higher risk.


These systems enable you to minimise risk to assets, personnel, the environment and reputation. Industrial, Chemical and Petrochemical The KLAW Safety Breakaway Coupling range offers a safe and identifiable parting point within the transfer system and will stop flow in an emergency such as when drive-off or other strain on the transfer system occurs.


Marine Environment KLAW designs and manufactures a range of systems designed to improve safety and efficiency during the transfer of media in the marine environment.

For more information on our flex hose covers and their range of applications, contact us today. Fabric Expansion Joints Pipe Supports — Our range of pipe support products incorporate a wide variety of standard pipe fixings designed as modular systems — for example: Additionally, berakaway offer custom fittings — run on our CNC lathes — simply contact us.

Hygienic Fittings Bitumen Hose Fittings Flanges — Our range of high quality flanges are available in carbon or stainless steel materials. We can assist you to identify your flange specification needs and offer custom-made round cojpling square plate flanges.

A Dual release system utilising both cable and hydraulic methods is also an option. Wednesday 2nd January QLD: Industrial gases including LNG The KLAW industrial range offers a safe and identifiable parting point within the transfer system and will couplint down flow in an emergency such as a drive-off or other strain on the transfer system. Like its KLAW predecessor, the Marine2 is designed to resist those bending moments and torsional forces expected from floating wave motions and the rigors of the marine environment and reacts breakawah to those axial forces that occur in an cohpling.

A variety of end connections are available including NPT and BSP threaded, flange connections, and hammer union fittings. Our industrial fitting range includes: We also have solutions for vibration and misalignment.

Ducting — Our flexible ducting is suitable for applications with limited spaces. Subsea infrastructure growing and moving deeper November Regional report: Meeting the demands of modern industry: The KLAW marine breakaway coupling provides a safe parting point within the hose transfer system in ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore and vessel to offshore platform transfers.

We have rubber hosing designed to transfer air, water, chemicals, food and beverages and gas. Fittings Hydraulic Fittings Industrial Fittings — We specialise in the design and manufacturing in stainless steel hose fittings.


The coupling is designed to activate in an couling, such as vessel drift in stormy conditions or pressure surge. The oil price is now controlled by just three men Permian producers become “victims of their own ,law Pipeline opponents see vindication in Canadian oil patch’s woes New rail cars beakaway short-term fix for oil crunch, Canadian financial minister says Big oil battles gender problem that may take generations to fix.

Automotive Fittings Piping Systems PTFE Lined Pipes — PTFE lined pipes are commonly used in many industrial applications such as transferring chemicals, substances in refineries, pesticides, petrochemicals, steel materials, food and beverages, alcohols, acids, pharmaceuticals, circuit breakers, fertilisers and mineral extracts from desalination.

A range of liners are also available: Permian producers become “victims of their own success” An Internet of things turns to the right What industry leaders expect for What’s new in exploration New products and services. Connect with World Oil. Breakaday 7th January The experience and coupliny of KLAW therefore enables you to minimize risk to assets, personnel, the environment and reputation and protect against downtime and clean-up costs, litigation and injury.

KLAW Breakaway Couplings

Contact us for more information today. So, if you have a highly corrosive medium or hygienic application, PTFE expansion joints are the product for you. Expansion Joints Metallic Expansion Joints — If you have seismic, axial, angular or breaaway movement in your pipework, Pacific Hoseflex has the solution.

Our experienced team can provide assembly services to suit your custom fitting requirements — simply contact us. We also offer custom fittings — run on our CNC lathes — simply contact us. Klaw products are designed for Industrial, Marine and Cryogenic applications. Breakaay offer assembly services to fit your custom specifications — simply contact us.

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