Though few can equal her skill with the sword, Caledonia MacNeely fights an unfamiliar shiver when she is offered in marriage to the infamous “Lord Sin. Kinley MacGregor’s latest offering, Born In Sin, is a redemption story, and quite a good one, as it happens. If there were a little more to it, it could. Stunning Caledonia MacNeely fights an unfamiliar shiver when she is offered in marriage to the infamous ‘Lord Sin’. Though Callie fears this mysterious.

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The was no shortage of villains here as Sin’s past mactregor and the macgreegor before him becomes clearer to all.

Posted by Marg at 9: The writing was well done and I really enjoyed getting to catch up with characters from the previous books. He’ll never be worthy of a better life, be a better man whom a woman like Callie could love. Now, they’re in highlands where Sin is supposed to take Callie’s clan the MacNeely in hands.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You jn how it goes. Callie and Sin made a great couple and surprisingly had a good chemistry.

She helped hi I met the hero in a previous book, Claiming the Highlander. Both Sin and Caledonia are innocent — on a number of different levels. He is a powerful fearless knight but his heart is pure gold. Mass Market PaperbackFirstpages. Sin stood out from all the MacAllister brothers and he really wore the “tortured hero” name well. Sin MacAllister’s life has been the stuff of nightmares.


My heart broke for the little boy who grew up without love, sold into slavery, was used as an assassin and hated by everyone around him.

So far, whatever I’ve read, gave me this impression that he has this almost inhuman ability to supress his physical desires. They find that they actually get along.

Don’t even wanna talk about his dad! Och, the man was exasperating. They haven’t consummated the marriage yet, that wedding night scene was hot yet kinda funny but eitherway, it wasn’t done. So Scottish, her name is the Gaelic word for Scotland.

The hero is the best knight in the kingdom and guardian of the heroine and her brother [s]. We have the hero who doesn’t believe he can love or deserves love and a heroine who is determined to love and win the love of the hero. As well as the tender moments –Those damn childhood flashbacks and in the end when they defended Sin…OMG!

Simon is, again, helping Sin and Callie to bond. He’s still getting shunned by those around him. Bedroom Business by Jennifer Crusie You went to sleep where? Sophie at the Tree She’s my preciousesss.

Born in Sin

To view it, click here. The beginning may be a little confusing of bogn quote, but hopefully you understand. I’ll Have Popcorn With That!!!


And, I applaud that. She’s bold and knows what she wants and she wants Sin bad! Feb 17, Elaine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Again, Callie doesn’t know Page – took his face macgrgor her hands and forced him to look at her. She can, however, fear what will surely befall the Sassenach Lord when he accompanies her home to her rebellious clansmen.

Kay’s Blog: Born in Sin by Kinley MacGregor, AAR Project Continues.

More Than Just Historical Romance!!! She is an 18 sn old wide-eyed innocent who somehow knows how to overcome the bad things which have happened to Sin over the years. Callie does not know this, however, and having never heard of the infamous Sin, chooses to look past his reputation to find the man underneath.

This story is both heart 4. Trivia About Born in Sin Brot When the MacAllisters were required to provide the English king with kiney, Sin was the one who was sent, and when he was to be released his father told them not to bother.