Sterelny Kim, The Australian National University, Philosophy Department, Faculty Member. Studies Evolutionary Biology, Archaeology, and Philosophy. 8 Results Visit ‘s Kim Sterelny Page and shop for all Kim Sterelny books. Check out Kim Sterelny. Follow . by Kim Sterelny and Paul E. Griffiths. “Written with both clarity and rigor, Thought in a HostileWorld is a richly informed and sophisticated account of theevolution of complex cognition. Sterelny’s.

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Sterelyn Theory 2 3: Kim Sterelny Australian National University. Human cultural life is replete with examples of adaptations to the social, physical, and biological environments that have been built gradually, cumulatively, by hidden-hand mechanisms. The impressive technologies, natural history databases, and exchange networks of traditional peoples have been built in this way. But the ethnological record is also replete with evidence of maladaptive beliefs and practices, and of failures to adapt to changing circumstances.

This paper is about such failures. In what ways is cultural evolution constrained, and what explains those constraints? In what ways are those constraints similar to those that affect gene-based evolution; in what ways are they different?


In this paper I argue that there are some similar mechanisms of constraint ; there are some differences ; but the major difference results from a division of labor between inheritance systems; the problem of fast change has been offloaded from the genetic to the cultural system. Evolutionary Biology in Philosophy of Biology.

Find it on Scholar. Request removal from index. From the Publisher via Ssterelny no proxy link. Dan Sperber – – Mind The Concept of Information in Biology.

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Religion as an Evolutionary Byproduct: A Critique of the Standard Model. Clarke – – British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 63 3: The Evolved Apprentice Model: Rational Choice in the Neolithic?

Kim Sterelny – – Philosophy of Science 82 3: Rational Agency in Evolutionary Perspective.

Professor Kim Sterelny – Researchers – ANU

Paul Edmund Griffiths – – Acta Biotheoretica 57 Falsifiable Predictions of Evolutionary Theory. Williams – – Philosophy of Science 40 4: Stdrelny Figure and Ground in the Rationality Debate: Todd DeKayMartie G.


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Kim Sterelny – Wikipedia

Martin Amsteus – – World Futures 68 6: Cooperation and its Evolution. Bence Nanay – – In H. Evolution, Embodiment and the Nature of the Mind. Michael Anderson – manuscript. Author unknown – sterelnyy.

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Kim Sterelny

No keywords specified fix it. Evolutionary Biology in Philosophy of Biology categorize this paper. History of Western Philosophy. Science Logic and Mathematics.

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