The Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor by Archibald Campbell. Archive Unit. For more GB DC / Dates of Creation. Physical Description. 1 book. Items in the “Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor ” category. Donald John MacIntyre · Norman Stoddart · Professor Roddy Cannon · Thomas Turner. The Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor [Archibald Campbell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Biographical notes on the compiler appear in the Piping TimesJune and May Quotation from Printaway Ltd. This revision is a complete re-write of Rev 00 and includes research carried out by Cannon in Lorimer in The ScotsmanApriland by M. The edition numbering has now been changed from Roman numbering to Arabic numerals.

Loaned for the purpose of making the latest reprint see 8 below. In he acquired further information and has compiled a more up to date publishing history and has given the present writer permission to include it in this update.

Ceol Sean – Free On-line Bagpipe Settings – The Kilberry Book of Ceol Meadhonach

Reports from Grainger and Campbell. It does not reveal any information about an edition being published in and it may be that it was not a new edition and merely a reprint, albeit with the amended editorial comments.


A note at the bottom of page 12 has: Page 11 has a similar comment and date. One fly-leaf at the front, two at the back. This edition is in a smaller page size than the preceding ones, approximately A4 but actually about 6 mm deeper.

National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. Fly-leaves at front and back. On 6 January they confirm an instruction to send copies to J.

Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor – Tartantown Ltd.

The statement on the last music page is incorrect. Title and imprint as 1. An update by Geoff Hore Printing was reported to be complete in Februarythe total being copies letters, 27 February and 7 March Contents the same as edition 2 except as noted below.

In the original edition of this Bibliography Cannon identified three or possibly four editions of this book. Vincent Street, Glasgow C.

Central Public Library, Edinburgh. Publication must have been delayed, however, since it was not advertised for sale until February A two-page typescript proposal for this publication, evidently submitted to the Piobaireachd Society, and signed A.

In edition 4 it is stated that the three previous editions had been published in edition 1edition 2 and edition 3. This edition was reproduced from 3 above, because the most recent reprints 6 and 7 were considered kkilberry be too poor in quality to reproduce again, and copies of 4 or 5 were not readily kliberry at the time.


If so, this also would have been in the reduced, approximately A4 page size.

Maclnnes in the Oban Times26 March Three others that had escaped previously were also corrected — page 6, line 1, bar 3; page 98, line 2, bar 3; page 63, line 9, last bar.

It is thought that a further reprint was ordered in the mid s.

The World’s Largest On-line Collection of Bagpipe Music

The update comments are in blue font. I have not noted any record of whether this transfer was made, and the whereabouts of the negatives is not known.

Adds information about a previously unknown edition Edition 2a. A fresh search was made for misprints and as far as possible all those that had been corrected in 4 or 5 were corrected again. The introduction which has no footnotes is signed: On the last music page, bottom right: Roy Gunn, Queensland, Australia.

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