Mercedes suggests that special tools are required to adjust the mixture on the Bosch KE3-Jetronic. (CIS-E) fuel injection, such as is used on the. Ferrari BOSCH KE3 JETRONIC Fuel injection Diagnosis Repair Manual Cat # /89 | Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Car Manuals & Literature, Other Car. There were three iterations of it in Audi’s – simplest KE-jetronic, with vacuum ignition or with electronic ignition, KE3-jetronic equipped 10v.

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FerrariChat – The world’s largest Ferrari community. If you find any errors, or have additional information or explanations I should add, please let me know right away at the address below. Oct 10, 50 Oslo, Norway. As mentioned before by Steve and finnerty this is the exact replacement and it also has corresponding connectors as well as partnumber and adjustment.

Now – I have maybe burned something jjetronic and the start valves are completely out of operation.

Help – bosch K jetronic types?

First the start valve relay started to create problems After each adjustment wait 5 or 10 seconds for the idle mixture to stabilize. If you have an oscilloscope to measure this timing, fine. There are no sensors for air flow, or intake manifold vacuum. Connect oscilloscope between ground and oxygen sensor connector and adjust it to read zero.


And that as they say “is the rest of the story”. Hi All Thanks for all your answers Highly appreciated. If you have ever played with the lateral linkage which can adjust how sensitive the transmission is to kick-down, that adjustment may need attention. The final car to use K-Jetronic was the Porsche Turbo 3.

The subject line is black tubing with white stripes. This is how the moving part should look like in rest position. Apr 5, Please enter up to 7 characters for the postcode. The reason that im suspecting I have a problem is a little bit complicated Quick description is as follows: No, create an account now. It runs fine – but I need to understand why. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab.

Jetronic – Wikipedia

Must be done two measurements – one in approx idle position, with flap barely lifted, another with ks3 fully up. Useful for testing oxygen sensor and also can be used to test MAF potentiometer better than multimeter can. If not, it can still be estimated with a voltmeter. Open the throttle completely.

Mercedes has chosen the less common definition of “duty cycle” in this case. Graph temperature versus resistance ISV For the engines that have one.

The lack of processing power and the unavailability of solid-state sensors meant that the vacuum sensor was a rather expensive precision instrument, rather like a barometerwith brass bellows inside to measure the manifold pressure. East coast Malaysia Posts: That’s a good news for ferrari owner.


Temperature sensor Located in head coolant flange. There are 1 items available.

Ferrari part number 95990867 KE3 JETRONIC BOOK

The “duty cycle” in Mercedes literature refers to the percentage of time this signal is low. Mercedes suggests that special tools are required to adjust the mixture on the Bosch KE3-Jetronic CIS-E fuel injection, such as is used on the series motors. Find More Posts by jamiecoysh.

The old screws were 12mm long, but 10mm is still plenty of thread length. K-Jetronic debuted in the Unfortunately when bolts of potentiometer is tightened down jetrinic reading changes in one or another direction, so it will require several takes until you will figure out at which voltage tighten them down to get somewhere around 0,67 volts.

In order to reach the adjusting screw one must first remove the anti-tamper device required on US cars by Federal law. I don’t think I have problems with a worn potentiometer etc. If existing one is acceptable, jertonic it on, turn the engine on, get the necessary idle speed and turn potentiometer until 0,67v is reached. I had a problem in and the down loadable manual for the Ford Capri 2.