MAJJHIMA NIKĀYA III 2. 9. Kāyagatāsatisuttaṃ () Mindfulness established in the Body. I heard thus. At one time the Blessed One lived in the monastery. A Study of the Kayagatasati Sutta and Related Texts Concerning Buddhist Meditation Practice By Meas Savoeun (Sumedho) A Thesis Submitted in Partial. A new series on Kayagatasati Sutta during One Day Retreats was started at Nissaranavanaya monastery by Ven. Panadure Chandaratana.

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Would that heavy stone ball find an entry into that mound of wet clay? As to location, they grow in most of the inner skin, covering the body sjtta the site where head-hairs grow and the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

In the same manner he pervades this body, perfects it, and fills it up with pleasantness devoid of joy, touchingeverything with that pleasantness. The tooth on either side has one root, one point, and in shape like a jasmine bud. And what, bhikkhus, are the five aggregates subject to clinging?

Such a person with kayagatsati and vitakka-carita lives a daily life in the way of kayagatasat, useless babbles, much imaginations or doubtfulness and hard to do the wholesome deeds.

This book attempts to interpret and re-examine the theories and the practices, the advantages as well as the levels of attainment regarding the Buddhist meditation.

Kayagatasati Sutta | Damsara

It gets completely free from errors such as unevenness, graininess, etc. With clairaudience that is purified and superhuman, they hear both suttw of sounds, human and divine, whether near or far.

In the same manner he sits pervading the whole body with that pure clean mind, not leaving out any spot untouched with kayafatasati pure clean mind. Bhaya-ndna The knowledge of discerning the ndma and rupa in five aggregates of existence as fearful as they are disappearing constantly; 4.

Kayagatasati Sutta කායගතාසති සූත්‍රය

Fie will be able to attain total liberation from all kinds of misery in the world and realize the natural truths and the ultimate realities, finally for sure will enjoy the ultimate peace or the eternal bliss of Nibbana in this very life or the lives coming. Or standing knows, I stand. These instances are said to be equal to one moment of the consciousness or conscious moment cittakkhanawhich covers over the three short instants – arising, existing and dissolving – of the citta called cittakkhana.


Furthermore, as the placing of the mind and keeping sktta connected are stilled, a mendicant enters and remains in the second absorption, which has the rapture and bliss born of immersion, with internal clarity and confidence, and unified mind, without placing the mind and keeping it connected. The heat that warms the body santappana-tejo 2.

This is meditation subject kauagatasati taught as the direct of attention to repulsiveness. Furthermore, as a result they will sutt loved and respected by iayagatasati in society because they will not hann others and also not pollute the society where they and others are living together.

Kayagatasati Sutta

And as for the odor, unless dressed with scented oil or scented flowers, etc. The Bojjhangakosalla Sutta, one of the sections of the Bojjhahga Samyuttawhich refers to the skillful means in the developing the Enlightenment Factors, which has been dealt with the explanation about the absorption jhana in the following passage beginning with: This one thingO monks, if developed and cultivated, leads to great security from bondage.

There are in this body, hair of the head and body, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, veins, bones, bone marrow, kidneys, heart, liver, pleura, spleen, lungs, lower intestines, bowels, stomach, excreta, bile, phlegm, pus, blood, sweat, fat, tears, eye secretions, saliva, snot, oil of joints and urine. My deepest gratitude goes to the Chairman of my thesis Supervisory Committee and also my Kagagatasati lecturer, Assist.

A Bhikkhu who is concentrated understands things as they really kayagaasati. Whatever kind of feeling there is These eight loka-dhammas are categorized as two main factors, i.

Bhikkhus, in this manner too mindfulness of the body in the body is developed Breathing in short knows, I breathe in short. Likewise the water element is the element of their cohesion; the fire element is the element of their ripening; and the air element is the element of their conveyance and distension.

Ditthi-visuddhi Purity of view; 4. However, for kaaygatasati beginner of insight meditation, in general instruction from the meditation master two main postures should be followed equally in good balance during practice, that is to say: According to this discourse, mindfulness of the body may provide an important basis for mental development and the continual progresses, which develop from the rudimentary experiences of bodily postures, activities and at the present moment, namely: On the other hand, the main purpose is to study the discourse of kdyagatdsati to do further research to explore the outlines of Kdyagatdsati Sutta regarding the various aspects of meditation practices.

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Moreover, many thanks for helping me correct very noticeable errors and other key comments on my thesis. As to shape, they are like palm roots with the tips bent down. They grasp at them with wrong views, taking them as permanent, happy, as the I, or the Ego.

They knead it until the ball of bath powder is soaked and saturated with moisture, spread through inside and out; yet no moisture oozes out. And with the fading away kayqgatasati delight, remaining imperturbable, mindful and clearly aware, he experiences in himself the joy of which the Noble Ones say: For a better understanding of practice, these can pave the way both for higher levels of mental attainment and kayagataswti getting rid of intolerable misery or unbearable problems of life depending on right or wrong chosen purposes.

Accordingly, these conditioned things in reality are the main Buddhist principles quite often found in the Buddhist Texts 80 Niyama means orderliness of nature or the natural laws consisting of five aspects, namely: There have been two main schools of Buddhism, i.

The characteristic of non-self is the mode of being insusceptible to the exercise of mastery, that is, the fact that one cannot exercise complete control over the phenomena of mind and matter.

The former is the belief in the existence of a persisting ego entity, soul or personality, existing independently of those physical or mental processes that constitute life, and that it continues even after death; whereas the later, on the other hand, is the belief in the existence of an ego entity or personality as a being, more or less identical with those physical and mental processes, and which, at the dissolution or death, will be annihilated.

These features of the Kdyagatdsati Sutta will, therefore, be of a particular interest to my exploration. Like a man who has covered himself with a white cloth together with the head, without leaving out anything. Anyone who has developed and cultivated mindfulness of the body includes all of the skillful qualities that play a part in realization.

Ndnadassana-visuddhi Purity of vision of the knowledge of the four paths.