The kawai q80 has an average rating of out of 5.(The kawai q80 has a total of 35 reviews). The seller I got the GOTEK from lists the KAWAI Q80 as a FYI: The Q80 is rapidly becoming my favorite all time hardware sequencer. Find great deals for Kawai Q Digital Midi Sequencer. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The Step Back function allows you to return to the start point of the last note edited so that additional notes can be added or removed, if necessary. This approach allows a more natural feel when the track is played back.

The Motif function is especially kzwai until you actually start using it, and kadai by trial-and-error. Centred on the panel, the top group allows access to oawai unit’s operational functions and the lower group accesses track numbers or note values when editing.

The Songs can be chained to play in any order. Bar editing permits you to delete a bar, group of bars, or entire Track, insert a bar or Motif into any point within a Track or Motif, erase a bar or group of bars this results in a rest because the bar lengths remain intactmix bars between Tracks or Motifs, and copy a bar or group of bars to another location within the same Track or Motif.

September 5, at You cannot copy a Song to another Song location within the Q Extremely difficult musical phrases can be entered into a Track one note or one chord at a time. For example, the beat value might kqwai set to 16th notes, where the Q80 will adjust notes to the nearest whole 16th.

Hi, I have a q I might sell. Here’s how it works: You can also adjust velocity and gate time for individual notes as opposed to the Bar Edit functions, which can only adjust everything in a bar or group of bars.


I went up to the counter to buy it and the guy told me he had another one he would give me since I was interested in the device. This feature lets you take pitch-bend of a chord for example, and transform it into a sustain command instead. You cannot punch in or out in the middle of a measure. Why, then, would any manufacturer want to design another hardware sequencer? January 21, at 3: If that isn’t enough, you can store approximatelynotes in up to songs on one floppy disk.

You can, however, save a Song to disk and then load it back into the Q80 under a kswai Song number. MIDI patch or pattern data can also be saved and loaded in the same manner. More control over each element note or chord of a Track is q880 with the Active Quantising and Lawai Recording functions described later.

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This is a transpose function that allows you to change the pitch of notes that are a certain note value, such as “shift all F ‘s up 3 semitones”, rather than the Transpose function, which transposes everything in the bar into a new key signature. Kawai Q Sequencer Unbelievable! Music Technology – Nov The Q80 also utilises a function, called Motif, that can be used within each Song.

Make Motif is a handy little function that allows you to take a section of bars within a Track and group them into a Motif, while Event Extract takes all MIDI control events for the Track or Motif and transfers them to another Track or Motif. Extensive and complete editing, real-time and step recording and quantizing with up to 10 songs.

Secondly, if you plan to work in more than one place at home, in the studio and live performance, saya computer may prove to be cumbersome and difficult to set up and tear down. A series of complete examples would have been extremely helpful in most sections of the manual. If you’re not familiar with current sequencer technology, some of the functions may not be as clearly covered as you might need. Previous article in this kwaai Please let me know asap. As kaaai writers continue to flood the market with sequencing packages, Kawai go dedicated.


Email kzwai Address never made public. Memory operations primarily have to do with saving and loading to and from disk, and transmitting and receiving MIDI patch or pattern data to and from a synthesiser or a drum machine. Also featuring gear in this article. You must also be very careful when editing a Track within a Song, because if a Motif is present within a bar range, an Error message appears. In particular, I have found disk storage to be a80 of the more useful additions to sequencers in general over the last few years.

That’s a lot of memory.

Kawai’s first sequencer offers a multitude of elaborate features including extensive editing capabilities, patch storage and a floppy disk drive. Songs are saved and loaded one at a time and you may re-assign the Song numbers if necessary.

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The Q works well in the studio qq80 for live performances. The drive unit appears to be well-built, and its operation is smooth and almost silent.

AQ also permits selective quantisation of individual notes and the deliberate shifting of notes out of time for some interesting musical effects. If you are presently shopping for a sequencer of any kind, the Kawai Q80 is worth a serious look.