Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing, ✅ FREE Shipping, and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Kawai MP8!. The Kawai MP8 is the one I choose to play. It is a great sounding “grand piano.” The drawback is the wood construction for the weighted keys. It makes the unit. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Buy KAWAI MP8 II at Amazon UK.

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Progress has been made since, but not amazing progress at least in most portable keyboards — again, the MP11 MIGHT be an exception, but I haven’t tried it.

Posts [ 28 ]. Professional connections with outputs XLX separated not loving the rglage master and conventional output Jack.

And when you find the sweet spot for your DP it’s never the default straight line! Because it is old I hope they will give kp8 a fair price.

All user reviews for the Kawai MP8

By using setups it is now possible to filter MIDI note information sent i. I have VPC1 as my main kp8 in my home. Are you alone there, how many of you are there near your Casio? If one can set the output through speakers to the volume level and dynamic range of an acoustic piano, the keyboard action may feel very different from the intimate way and reduced volume? Unfortunately I don’t know of anyone in my region that has one With powerful features such as these, KAWAI is understandably gaining a reputation as the instrument of choice among professional stage artists.


You can choose from excellent sounds like E. I’m not sure if I’ve tried that specific action in the ES8but I’ve definitely tried something similar at least. Now with the MP The sounds of strings are obviously catastrophic. Placed inside an anechoic chamber, free of audio reflections, the rich sound of this world class instrument is meticulously analysed and recorded by kxwai Master Piano Artisans.

The light sensor system seems more realistic and responsive to me than the 2- or 3-point sensors in most other keyboards, and the ability to adjust velocity curve characteristics on-the-fly with a knob at the keyboard rather than remapping on the computer is a feature m;8 has to be used to be fully appreciated.

J ‘have a hard time to me but I think digital must know the regler. Like your friend, many of us here are classically trained and have critical and valid opinions about instruments.

This combination of graded weights and counterbalances gives the AWA Grand PRO action a remarkably realistic feel throughout the dynamic ranges. MP8 has 7 reverbs and 20 kinds of standard effects built-in, which can be individually assigned to each of the 4 zones.

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My MP8 has served me well, but I greatly prefer my Steinway! You are not logged in. I like almost everything, or plutt, I did not find a major default. If you’re playing really technically demanding music, you can do it on the MP8, but you have to work much harder than on a fine grand piano.

But I appreciate that some would be glad to compromise with a kawxi instrument. Or by becoming a Subscribing member! This man on video recommends Roland, but Ivory G action is not something I like and I already have Kawai es as a good action substitute.


While this is a huge investment, but given the level of both ism, it is ultimately not much for a keyboard similar to that of an upright piano.

Weighted controller: Kawai MP8 or ES8? (Page 1) – Pianoteq user forum – Pianoteq forum

Originally Posted by pedman I have owned my Kawai MP8 keyboard for over 10 years, and I’m currently using the Pianoteq 5 sounds over the internal piano sounds.

Physically Kawai designed the block with kp8 pedals, but only two are installed Has any of the notices prcis previous ones.

The keyboard makes even heavy simplest interpretation of an acoustic piano, but beware of the return on an acoustic, you have to “relearn” to play dpi.

Akwai Member Offline Registered: One needs to judge any keyboard action for oneself, of course, Other sounds are relatively crdibles, but overall remain classics. Excellent Concert Grand 1 which according to the Manufacturer Has a real sample from Kawai Concert Kaai and a stamp rather clear lens. A piano technician plays a very important role, providing an acoustic piano in the best playing condition for the pianist.

Kawai MP8 or ES8? Great 88 note weighted action. And by the pleasure of playing it.

IMO GF1 is such a phenomenal piano action, particularly in a slab.