Kausitaki (Shankhayana) Brahmana Kaushitaki Brahmana associated with Baskala Shakha of Rigveda and also called Sankhyayana Brahmana. It is divided. Thus he, the knower of Brahman, devoid of good deeds, devoid of evil deeds Here ends the Kaushitaki-Brahmana Upanishad, as contained in the Rig-Veda. Posts about Kaushitaki Brahmana written by margie parikh.

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Sound is not what one should seek to know; one braahmana know the hearer. For verily without intelligence the body would not make known any pleasure or pain whatsoever.

Some embed speculations about natural phenomenon such as sunrise and sunset. Edward Cowell translates these last verses as, “Prana is prajna, it is joy, it is eternally young, it is immortal. He verily will not grow old. With the ear, mounted on by intelligence, one obtains all sounds.

Kaushitaki Upanishad was probably composed before the middle of the 1st millennium BCE. He comes to brahmna abode Aparajita; the might of Brahma enters him.

May my speech be based on i. Deed is not what one should seek to know; one should know the doer. It was translated into Persian in medieval times, as Kokhenk; [3] however, the manuscript used for that translation has been lost. By using this site, you kashitaki to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


He comes to the hall Vibhu; the glory of Brahma enters into him. Having come, the son lies down on top touching organs with organs.

Kaushitaki Brahmana | Through the Sands of Life

Additionally, there are a handful of fragmentarily preserved texts. Chitra Gargyayani, seeking to perform a sacrifice, chose Aruni as his priest. Of this hrahmana Breath on Brahma behind the speech the eye is enclosed; behind the eye the ear is enclosed; behind the ear, the mind is enclosed; behind the mind the vital Breath is enclosed. What if it was not right?

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When he awakens, as from a blazing fire sparks would hrahmana in all directions, even so from this Self the vital breaths proceed to their respective stations; from the vital breaths the gods; from the gods the worlds. One should meditate on it as Yasas glory ; One should meditate on it as Tejas splendour.

This is the all-obtaining in the vital breath.


This very vital breath, even this Self of intelligence, has entered this bodily self up to the hair and the fingernail. In the last verses of chapter 3, the Kaushitaki Upanishad asserts that kaushifaki really know someone, one must know his soul.

It is Intelligence; for by intelligence one discerns.

My breath in you I would place. Then turning to the right he goes towards the east. Ranade [6] places Kaushitaki chronological composition in the third group of ancient Upanishads, composed about the time of Aitareya and Taittiriya Upanishads.

Brahmana – Wikipedia

SamhitaBrahmanasAranyakasand Upanishads. With the mind he obtains all thoughts.

To him then Indra Said: He comes to the lake Ara: I take your deeds in me. Is transmigration terminated in the world in which you will place me, or is there any abode in the world where you will place me? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

May not all that I have heard depart from me. Thus then he speaks to him.