Harper Blaine is a Greywalker-walking the thin line between the living world and the paranormal realm. She’s been hired by a university research group. I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my. Richardson’s clever ghost-busting follow-up to her solid urban fantasy debut ( ‘s Greywalker) finds psychic Seattle PI Harper Blaine.

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I’ll be looking for the next installment. Quinton is an independent DIY who has become friends with Harper. That vital piece of trying to be normal and yet drowning in a new world that few know about.

Poltergeist: A Greywalker Novel

Jan richardaon, Shera Book Whispers rated it really liked it Shelves: This leads this barely page book to read a lot slower. My only objection is that Richardson hasn’t worked her continuing char Second in the Greywalker urban fantasy series set in Seattle and revolving around a private investigator who can walk between worlds. Stay in Touch Sign up.

Gartner Tuckman is a professor at Pacific Northwest University. Really enjoyable and easy to read. The title is all about the Poltergeist as it becomes more and more alive.

Kat Richardson

Though I will admit at richardsn even my brain tuned out during some of the hypothesizing and other academic talk. She uses Mara witchBen para expertCarlos vampire and Quinton electronics wizard for information. Polter This book actually creeped me out.

Are they supposed to have a friendship? This is a warning to people who don’t like this kind of stuff though; if you aren’t interested in hearing all the intricate details behind the workings of things then this book might not be for you.


Also by Kat Richardson.

It was that or read Tom Clancy. Mark Lupoldi is one of Tuckman’s special assistants in the experiment. Kat Richardson incorporates the history of Seattle into her stories. The vampires are still scary as all get out though. I like what Richardson is doing with the series as a whole and this particular installment was pretty tense.

Aug 07, Pages Buy. May 10, Sara po,tergeist it it was ok Shelves: Blaine is a nice character, she is aided by a witch and another professor — the Danzigers, who have a young son, who Richardson uses for some comic elements, but who also plays a role in the ending.

Picked it up because it’s brainless reading. The psychologist is convinced that someone in the group is faking the effects and wants Harper to find out who it is. This series is wonderful. It combines a touch of romance, a streak of warm family comedy featuring a rambunctious toddler who thinks he is a rhinocerosa tightly paced detective story cooked over-medium if not hard-boiledpoltrrgeist glimpse into the dog-eat-poltergeist world of academic research, and a sometimes affectionate, sometimes heebie-jeebie-giving tribute to the city of Seattle, all in one thrilling tale of wicked weirdness.

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Book review: “Poltergeist” by Kat Richardson – Book Trolley

The best part though is I’ve learned a kag about my neighborhood Seattle from reading it. Jan 11, Ithlilian rated it did not like it Shelves: Meanwhile during the course of her investigation, one of the participants is murdered and Blaine’s investigation and the police investigation run concurrently.


Really enjoy the series. Lewise, Lloyda Alexandra, I. Harper is hired by the person in charge of the experiment to show that the phenomenon is being faked. Richardson’s view of poltetgeist paranormal has a nice technological twist and features intriguing historical notes that lift this whodunit a cut above the average supernatural thriller. The writing is good and the pacing is fast.

As knocks and rattles escalate to poltergfist furniture and projectile jewelry, people start to get hurt.

Poltergeist (Greywalker, #2) by Kat Richardson

It was fascinating how she worked their interaction and the changing dynamics even though I also feel that she neglected to stretch the tensions between them as much as she could have as well as their own personal issues. This book actually creeped me out. An alleged poltergeist has richarrson and the DR.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The major kay is that the case she’s working involves a mean spirited poltergeist. We are experiencing technical difficulties. It has an interesting perspective on the whole supernatural urban fantasy slant as the main character is not a vampire, witch or shapeshifter, which are the common character tropes out there. And when one of the group’s members is killed in a brutal and inexplicable fashion, Harper poltrrgeist determine whether the killer is the ghost itself, or someone all too human.

Albert is their resident ghost.