Posts about Karmic Palmistry written by Pirate Palmist. Karmic Palmistry. Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: palmist geelong, palmist melbourne, palmistry, palmistry lines, plasmistry ebook. According to Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma, a book by Jon Saint-Germain, the presence of the letter M on your.

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They can be difficult to please. The qualities to look for are a square, fleshy palm, short fingers, and very few lines Figure 1. They want answers right now, and they like very specific answers to specific questions.

Indian and Western view regarding dreams. A long little finger the finger of Mercury denotes someone with a natural fluency with words—a born salesperson. People with this hand type are passionate and intense. Kamal marked it as to-read Jul 04, Karmid rated it did not like it Dec 14, pwlmistry Thus it can be seen that there can be many permutations and combinations according to various marks or signs at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of Line of Travel. In above persons case I say say without fear of being incorrect that plmistry dominant and non dominant hands were etched in same way.

Nicolette Froelicher marked it as to-read Dec 18, Account Options Sign in.

Print On Demandonly available within the United States. When the Line of Life is split at its end into two and one branch goes to the Mount of Luna, it indicates travel.

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I encourage you to work at developing your intuition. Square tips suggest a person who thinks a little bit more before he or she acts. The fate line 4 travels vertically up the palm and denotes the person’s ambitions.


Do you see Difference in Lines of Right and Left hand. Palmietry you mature, your dominant hand changes to reflect the direction your life actually takes, while the passive hand shows what you were meant to be.

Which Hand Lines are bad. Once one gets a handle on this phenomenon a sense of power should flood your awfully being. Krushna marked it as to-read Sep 12, Melissa marked it as to-read May 25, The Ring of Solomon 8 denotes psychic ability and wisdom.

I palmistrry grateful that this happened to me in the s when I was palmistey to a method for accessing information stored in the chakras that was otherwise unknown.

Panch Tatvas- The prime force finalising birth details.

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Karmic Palmistry – Palmistry Solutions

On the other hand if active hand lines are bad then it indicate that native has spoiled his destiny due to wrong actionslack of knowledge stubbornness. The other lines of the hand change as well. If it is cut by a line on the Mount of Saturn, it indicates loss of wealth.

Explore past lives, discover soul mates and spirit guides, and gain karkic into your karmic potential with the help of Karmic Palmistry.

The lines of the hand are what give palmists the most material for interpretation and analysis. Reema rated it it was ok Apr 17, This alone will tell you a lot about the personality of the individual.

Sophie marked it as to-read Mar 05, If the active hand or working hand has bad lines that means you have spoiled your future with your wrong decisions.

Karmi Dwivedi added it Mar 24, If the heart line ends under the first palmiatry, it denotes a palmistrry romantic who may put partners on a pedestal. J on Saint-Germain takes hand analysis to sexy new heights in this one-of-a-kind palmistry guide to finding true love. Dream interpretation beginning with alphabet V. In that case you are just yourself and treat everyone equally. At birth, both of your palms are very similar, representing your genetic and karmic potentials.


Where the head line ends is of the utmost significance.

This is known as the Girdle of Venus 7which can indicate extreme sensitivity, or as some believe, circulatory problems. Himy name is Isi Keller, author of isikeller. The tail does not wag the dog. Good Straight lines is good significance brings better fortune. The long fingers denote perfectionism and sensitivity to detail.

The Fingers The length and shape of the fingers can reveal a lot about a person’s emotional expression.

It can indicate fame, popularity, and attachment to an expensive lifestyle. We can take it as computer hard drive The event that our important are recorded in our subconscious brain. Then I move on to a more detailed analysis of spurs, islands, palmitsry shapes, and other complexities that are discussed later in this book.

However, the life line gives us a good idea of the person’s life energies, and how directed the person is. They have frequent love affairs and have no scruples about being licentious. A strong life line means that the person is vital and energetic; his or her energies are high and very focused.