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The focus indicator ] appears in the viewfinder when focused if it is blinking, the subject is not in focus. Review captured images on the LCD monitor. It also displays an overexposure warning on the screen. The KD Super, however, automatically pushes the sensitivity up to super-high ISO in the dark, allowing the use of faster shutter speeds to minimize the risk of blurred images.

Standard Output Sensitivity Sensitivity. Perhaps it will inspire a few folks who have some old lenses sitting around to wander down to maual local camera store and give them a try.

The mirror is locked in the up position. Item Sets to use Autofocus when shooting with remote control. This user-friendly DR system assures sharp, clean images free of annoying dust spots. Fully display a white or gray sheet of spuer in the viewfinder under the light to adjust white balance. Since the original images remain untouched, you can experiment with these filters at will: Exposure is determined by a combination of sensitivity Svaperture Av and shutter speed Tv.

The camera sets a smaller aperture than usual to expand the in-focus range across the entire image field, while raising saturation, sharpness and contrast levels to produce well-defined scenic images. The default setting does not use Custom Function. Getting ready to shoot see reply.

Use the four-way controller mnop to select an image. Setting Auto Power Off You can set the camera to turn off automatically if unused after a certain length of time.


KD Super Manual

More on Focusing, and Summary see reply. Submit a News Tip!

Page – Changing the Exposure and Shooting Auto Exposure compensation for simple, speedy exposure adjustments This function lets you easily and quickly react to changing lighting conditions. When you already know k1000d subject, you can select one of six Picture modes.

See the chart on p. Press the four-way controller p to display the [Reset] screen. Set the mode dial to I.

Using The Built-in Flash Using the Built-in Flash Use the following procedures to take a picture in low light or backlit conditions or when you want to manually use the built-in flash. Press the shutter release button or the Q button, slide the main switch to the preview position or turn the mode dial to change to Capture mode. Setting The Exposure Setting the Exposure Effect of Aperture and Shutter Speed Correct exposure of the subject is determined by the combination of shutter speed and aperture setting.

Page After the procedure is done, if the camera operates correctly, it does not require any repairs. Turn the e-dial to the right toward y. This is enabled by turning the autofocus switch to the “AF” position. Enter text from picture: Some images that appear to have no focal point over the entire image field are actually the product of camera shake. Changes the color tone of captured images, adds softening and slimming effects, or adjusts the brightness. In the past, you had to either use a tripod or set a rather high shutter speed in order to prevent camera shake.

Connecting the Camera to the Printer Turn the camera off.

Turn the e-dial while pressing the mc button and adjust the exposure. Use the four-way controller op to select an image. Press the four-way controller op. Page 65 Press the shutter release button fully.

Confirm in the viewfinder that the subject you wish to shoot is in the display and press the shutter release button halfway. Using the 4 Button to Focus on the Subject You can set the camera so that the focusing is not performed when the shutter release button is pressed halfway and is performed when the 4 button is pressed.


The batteries could explode or catch fire. When the camera is powered up with Shake Reduction turned on and a manual lens mounted, it will ask you for the focal length of the lens so it knows how much SR to apply when the camera moves.


Page 89 Press the four-way controller m. I’ve printed each of those postings so I can keep it with my manual for future reference even though I don’t have any Manual lenses. The camera won’t allow you to take pictures with manual lenses until you configure it properly. The default o100d is l Single mode. The camera is ready to take pictures. Sharpness Makes the image outlines sharp or soft.

K100D (Super) Pictorial guide to using manual lenses [imgs]

Much of the decision was because I have several screw mount lenses. Page Calculating Shooting Distance from Aperture Value The following equation calculates the distance of the flash for aperture values. Since most cameras are programmed to select a slower shutter speed in the dark, even the slightest movement of the camera or subject can cause blurred images.

Auster Pilot’s gear list. Settings During Playback Changing Playback Display Method Sets the information to show supee during playback k10d whether to display overexposed area warning.