Online; Full Srikrishna Report Excerpts from the Madon Comm. Report on Bhiwandi Riots, CONTENTS. 1) Hindutva’s role in riots and official complicity. REPORT. OF. THE SRIKRISHNA COMMISSION. Appointed for inquiry into the riots at Mumbai during. December and January Bharatiya Janata Party revived it to Protection Committee apprehended regain lost political mileage. The that the .. “A polyglot, Justice Srikrishna has command over nine languages. The Justice Srikrishna Commission of Inquiry report on the Mumbai riots of 93 can be accessed here in PDF format: Srikrishna Report-.

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Ad verbatim from the Srikrishna Report: In all, the commission recorded depositions of witnesses, running into 9, pages.

The Srikrishna Commission report had come down hard on the late Thackeray. Retrieved 2 August Retrieved from ” https: If the victims are predominantly Hindus, then there is popular discourse and outrage, and justice is at least seen to be served. Sajjan Kumar surrenders in anti-Sikh riots case India. The Srikrishna committee report noted that xrikrishna found no evidence that any Muslim organisation was responsible for the riots.

Srikrishna Commission Report

The Commission was disbanded by the Shiv Sena led government in January and on public opposition was later reconstituted on 28 May ; though when it was reconstituted its terms of reference were reporg to include the Mumbai bomb blasts that followed in March For five years untilhe examined victims, witnesses and alleged perpetrators. It held Hindu groups responsible for inciting the mobs. There has been no proper compensation and almost 60 per cent of the cases have been closed by the state, despite eyewitness accounts given to the committee.

Modi renames Ross, Havelock and Neil islands in the Andamans.

Srikrishna Commission

Since under the Commissions of Inquiry Act, an Inquiry is not a court of law even if it conducts proceedings like a court of law and the report of an inquiry is not binding on Governments, Srikrishna’s recommendations cannot be directly enforced. Mapkar and his team of lawyers continue to seek justice as they challenge a CBI closure report on the Hari Masjid case, which acquitted the police, including sub-inspector Nikhil Kapse, who was indicted by the Srikrishna Commission.


It just suits governments to target us. An ism is justixe to an end. The resentment against the government and police among a large body of Muslim youth was exploited by the Pakistan-aided anti-national elements.

This page was last edited on 9 Mayat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Mapkar, who works in a cooperative bank, wondered why there is no discussion on the riots despite the Justice B.

Retrieved 16 February The Hindus must share a part of the blame in provoking the Muslims by their celebration rallies, inciting slogans and rasta rokos which were all organised mostly by Shiv Sainiks, and to a marginal extent by BJP activists. The commission was disbanded by the Sena-led government in January Justice Srikrishna indicted those he alleged as largely responsible for the second phase of the bloodshed and to some extent the first, the Shiv Sena. It was taken over by Shiv Sena and its leaders who continued to whip up communal frenzy by their statements and acts and writings and directives issued by the Shiv Sena Pramukh Bal Thackeray.

At the instance of Indian Prime Minister, P.

Justice Srikrishna Report On Mumbai Riots Of , – Wonderful Mumbai

Srikrishna Commission or Justice B. The serial bomb blasts were a reaction to the totality of events justicd Ayodhya and Bombay in Rpeort and January He was and remains a hero.

Only three convictions took place in the riot cases. Srikrishna headed a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to understand the background of the riots, what happened during the riots and how to prevent similar riots in the future. Srikrishna Commission of Inquiry was constituted by the Government of Maharashtra under Justice Srikrishna for investigating the causes of the Bombay riots. It was later reconstituted on public demand.


Some of the police officers got promoted. By a Notification, Home Department No.

Yuvi auctioned for Rs 1 crore, but his work is priceless. Mapkar, 47, had suffered the gunshot wound two months before the Bombay blasts — during the post-Ayodhya riots in which people were killed in the financial capital of the country. Bombay experienced its repor communal riots in December and January After examining witnesses and 2, exhibits, the Commission submitted its report on February 16, Yet, the mob was careful to keep a temple nearby safe from the flames.

My New Year, month by month India.

Mumbai riots 1992: Srikrishna Commission report and action taken

Views Read Edit Oj history. Sarpotdar was immediately granted bail and he died in without serving his sentence. Retrieved 21 February I remember how an entire timber mart was burnt down. Out of the dead in the Bombay riots, were Muslim and Hindu, while 50 were from other communities.

Shakil Ahmed was 22 when the hutments of Sion Koliwada, where he had been brought up, were burned down by rioters. The bullet had slammed into Farooque Mapkar in while he was praying in Bombay. When the Shiv Sena — BJP came to power in Maharashtra in Marchthey expanded the terms of reference of the commission to include the following taken Ad verbatim from the Srikrishna Report: Commihtee commission goes on to list these police personnel.

The injured numbered 2, The Shiv Sena government rejected its recommendations. Srikrishna Commission report linking the three most tumultuous events in the s:

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