ABSTRACT. Background: The dengue and chikungunya epidemics have major challenging problems and have become essentially a public health importance. The Chikungunya virus was isolated from mosquitoes and found to be identical to the AV circulating human strain. This is the first field study. Mosquitoes transmit numerous arboviruses including dengue and chikungunya virus (CHIKV). Chikungunya is a re-emerging arthropod-borne.

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A wide variety of vaccine platform strategies have been utilized including live attenuated virus, inactivated virus, chimeric virus, DNA, and virus-like particles VLPs [ 111265 ]. Article Metrics Abstract views: The VLPs for one of these are produced in HEKT cells and results of a phase I dose escalation trial have been reported, demonstrating significant production of neutralizing antibodies and no severe adverse responses [ 6566 ].

A nonhuman primate model of chikungunya disease. Jural and vaccines against chikungunya virus. Clinical and radiological features of imported chikungunya fever in Japan: This study was conducted to identify significant clinical symptoms of chikungunya virus infection.

Additional, prospective clinical research on CHIKV-associated disease is necessary chiknugunya further determine the potential role of virus and development of chronic joint disease.

Additionally, recommendations are presented regarding avenues for clinical research to help further elucidate the pathogenesis of joint disease associated with CHIKV infection. Vector Jurjal Zoonotic Dis. Medicine Baltimore chikumgunya 86 3: In fact, CHIKV-induced arthritis has been compared to RA in regard to some of the pathologic changes, and studies have indicated that radiographs of RA patients are often normal for months juenal the initial symptoms arise, while erosions can be demonstrated by MRI less than 6 months after symptom onset [ 54 ].

Replication cycle of chikungunya: This study was use ecological study approach which uses integrated GIS, remote sensing and statistic technique. Email this article Login required. An additional confounding factor is that presence or absence of pre-existing joint disease is often ascertained via self-reporting questionnaires, while thorough orthopedic evaluations at the time of or prior to initial infection are rarely performed [ 2933 – 36 ].

Additionally, some of these such jugnal dengue, Zika, and CHIKV are currently co-circulating in the western hemisphere [ 39 ], thus care should be taken to definitively identify the cause in any case with this presentation.


Majalah Kedokteran Nusantara (Journal of Medical School)

While the majority of cases have this distribution, it is important to recognize that patient presentation can vary and include asymmetric polyarthritis, monoarthralgia, and involvement of less commonly affected joints, such as the elbow, hip, and shoulder, as well as vertebral pain in sacroiliac, lumbosacral, and cervical regions [ 94344 ].

These neonatal cases occurred in approximately 3 out of 1, births during the La Reunion outbreak [ 17 ] and often resulted in chijungunya manifestation in infants, including seizures, hemorrhagic disease, and abnormalities in cardiac function [ 1926 ].

Additionally, in some individuals with normal radiographs, MRI identified bone erosions in the hands of 5 of 6 patients at the 24 month post-diagnosis timepoint [ 40 ], indicating MRI may be a more sensitive technique for early identification of joint disease. Polyarthritis in four patients with chikungunya arthritis. Chikungunya infection in children.

Those that have been reported describe vascular proliferation, perivascular macrophages, and synovial hyperplasia [ 37 ]. Alphavirus RNA synthesis and non-structural protein functions. Extensive work focusing on the acute stages of CHIKV infection and utilizing animal models has jurnwl our current understanding of these early timepoints of disease.

Other similarities in laboratory results shared by CHIKV and RA include variably elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rates, elevated C-reactive protein, and presence of anti-citrullinated protein antibodies [ 9203135384047 ]. Sampling was carried from Chikungunya outbreak area.

Additionally, while less common, severe manifestations including gastrointestinal disease, neurologic complications including meningoencephalitis and seizures, cardiovascular disease, hemorrhagic manifestations, and death have been reported [ 91724 – 26 ]. Risk Factors for Severe Disease Numerous risk factors for development of severe juranl in adult patients have been reported including age and gender [ 929 ].

There were positive correlations between diseases and population density, building density. Effectiveness of chloroquine and inflammatory cytokine response in patients with early persistent musculoskeletal pain and arthritis following chikungunya virus infection.

Chikungunya is a re-emerging disease that caused byalphavirus family Togaviridae. While there have been millions of people affected by CHIKV within the last decade, methods of prevention and treatment are still lacking. However, the value of the more traditional and invasive methods of sampling, including synovial fluid collection and synovial biopsy should still be recognized.


Magnetic resonance imaging in early inflammatory arthritis: Numerous vaccines have been developed, though most have only been tested in animals and none are commercially available [ 12 ]. Data regarding natural human infections and viral tropisms and persistence is limited, though viral persistence in tissues is considered to be a potential mechanism of chronic disease.

This is an open access article licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.

Rheumatology Oxford ; 39 7: Clinical symptoms analisys was performed from 28 confirm chikungunya cases based on laboratory result. A DNA vaccine against chikungunya virus is protective in mice and induces neutralizing antibodies in mice and nonhuman primates.

Spatial-temporal clustering was observed on both diseases demonstrating variation in local infection pattern.

Manifestasi Klinis Infeksi Virus Chikungunya Pada Kejadian Luar Biasa Di Indonesia – Neliti

Additionally, it is possible that some patients develop joint disease such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, completely unrelated to the previous CHIKV infection. Additionally, persistent CHIKV infection in muscle satellite cells has been demonstrated 3 months after the resolution of the acute phase of disease [ 36 ].

How to cite item. Diagnosis of CHIKV Infection As discussed, the clinical presentation of CHIKV-associated arthralgia during the acute stages can be quite similar to other arthritogenic alphaviruses and other tropical arboviruses such as dengue and Zika [ 3945 ]. Preventive measures focus on the mosquito vector and include recommendations such as wearing long sleeves, chukungunya use of mosquito nets, elimination of mosquito breeding sites and use of insecticides [ 9 ].

However, in a cohort of patients that developed chronic arthralgia following the La Reunion outbreak, only 2. In most cases of CHIKV infection, patients develop symmetric oligo or polyarthralgia within minutes to days following the initial onset of fever [ 91840 ].

Chikungunya and DHF cases were tended to occur in residential land use which close to the jurrnal land use. Based on the same vector with dengue hemorrhagic fever transmission, an ecological approach using GIS was taken to compare the spatial-temporal pattern between chikungunya and DHF.

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