Gesetz über die juristischen Prüfungen und den juristischen Vorbereitungsdienst (Juristenausbildungsgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen – JAG NRW) of Gesetz ueber die juristischen Pruefungen und den juristischen Vorbereitungsdienst (Juristenausbildungsgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen – JAG NRW) of Related Forms – NRW. REGISTRATION FORM BULLETIN DINSCRIPTION EINSCHREIBEFORMULAR Participan: REGISTRATION FORM BULLETIN.

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He also chaired, inthe Committee on the press and the judiciary. When the proposal relates to certain positions, for example the prosecutor in an important court, a number of candidates will be interviewed by the CSM, before the discussion mentioned above takes place.

Students are evaluated by each seminar leader or instructor. The fact that the same general model is activated by using different organizational means allows to use the comparisons also for assessing their respective efficacy. Through the use of these feedback sheets, the opinion of the participants on the seminar attended and any general further training needs can be identified and taken into consideration by the organizers for the next training period.

The importance which is attached to this examination may be shown by the fact that a large number of court presidents regularly serve as chairpersons of the panels of examiners. It has been distributed so far to members of the CSM and to heads of courts juristebausbildungsgesetz appeal, and no further, thus remaining a somewhat confidential document. Commercial cases outside the jurisdiction of these two courts are dealt with by district courts and first instance juuristenausbildungsgesetz 2.

One of them consists in stating, in jurixtenausbildungsgesetz statute applying to the judiciary, a few general principles. One of its recent Reports regretted this situation and suggested an increase in its powers The powers of the CSM are as follows: In addition to the compulsory subjects, students must also study further legal ngw of their choice “Schwerpunktbereiche”, for example, international law, European law, insurance law, media law etc.

Moreover, newly appointed judges and prosecutors are not recruited to fill permanently specific judicial functions but rather to fill indifferently the vacancies existing at the first level of jurisdiction and, when promoted, they are expected, once again, to fill indifferently the existing vacancies in the judicial positions reserved to the higher level of the career. IX A few words on the way this research nuristenausbildungsgesetz initiated and conducted.

The contents of the examination was also criticized for its lack of breadth.


Universität Düsseldorf: Course of studies

B Training of those recruited through the external intake. Goals that in order to be effectively promoted necessitate not only the formal but also the factual knowledge of the actual performance of the various member states in carrying out those functions. The curriculum is a combination of specialized seminars and of general teaching, for example on the status of the judiciary, judicial ethics, etc.

The second instance consists of the appeal courts. New appointed “first round” Judges -Sep. This chapter is divided into two parts. Evaluating individuals, especially members of the judiciary, is neither an easy task nor an exact science.

The main reason against this 26 27 Such a power has been very rarely used. If on the one hand the judiciaries of continental Europe share the same organizational model, on the other they use quite different means of recruitment, initial and continuing education, professional evaluation for the career, and discipline.

Those who have passed the examination must receive adequate and specific training at the ENM. There were few contacts between the new entrants.

Recruitment, Professional Evaluation and Career of Judges

It is open to individuals who, for eight years, jristenausbildungsgesetz been active either professionally or as an elected member of a local council, or juristenausbildungssgesetz a nonprofessional member of a court, and who were not, at the time, civil servants or members of the judiciary. As a result, comparative statistics would not be significant. In addition since each of the applicants has to undergo a psychological aptitude test, carried out by psychologists independent of the judiciary.

There is, per se, no constitutional obstacle to the creation, by statute, of different forms of external intake. Warnings may be given before a disciplinary proceeding is started. A separate juvenile court “Jugendgericht Graz” in Graz; it is responsible for juvenile civil and criminal cases; 7 4.

This rarely happens for example it happened 4 times in A system like this is, in German, labelled with the English word “assessment centre”. Disciplinary sentences can take the form of: The figures from to are indicated below.

Recruitment, Professional Evaluation and Career of Judges

The same people more or less are involved in the process of recruitment at each Court of Appeal, carrying out the exams and the interview. Results are considered satisfactory; therefore more timeconsuming procedures new assessment-centres are not being considered. Evaluation is a legitimate part of the accountability of the judiciary.

This means that the President may refuse to sign a particular decree and to endorse an appointment. The Minister of Justice prepares and administers the budget of the ministry and is partly responsible for the management of the courts, although management is becoming more and more decentralized. The ratio of “ordinary” court judges and prosecutors is about 3 to 1. These seminars deal with didactic and methodological aspects, training methods, teaching techniques, teaching relationships between trainer and trainee, communication theory, personality development etc.


In the prosecution, it is still the rule that beginners are not entitled to sign indictments but that juristenausbildungsgeseyz drafts have to be counter-signed by a superior.

The reason for establishing these special courts in Vienna as well as in Prague and other major cities of the former Austro-Hungarian empire was a historical one, given the importance of having such courts in business centers, and the capitals of the former Austro-Hungarian empire have always been business centers too. Each individual member of the electoral committee has a right to present candidates, and it follows from this that a strict recruitment procedure does not exist.

This proposal was not, unfortunately, sent to Parliament. Research Centre for Juristenausbilxungsgesetz Studies CeSROGUniversity of Bologna, Italy “The law as administered cannot be better than the judge who expounds it […] the best organization of the courts will be ineffective, if the judges who man it are lacking the necessary qualifications” Arthur T. This is very important both from a psychological and a professional point of view.

The section of the Juristenausbildungsgesegz of Justice responsible for disciplinary matters, i. DRiG, note 4 supra. Every participant is thereby asked juristenaubildungsgesetz give an anonymous opinion on the structure of the seminar, its practical effect, the quality of the trainers, their ability to deal with concrete questions from the participants etc. The Minister is, ex officio, vice-president of the CSM and puts forward proposals to the CSM relating to the appointment of all local prosecutors except those at the level of courts of appeal and the Cour de cassation and of sitting judges, except those who preside over courts, and judges of the Cour de cassation.

A judge of one of the courts of first instance would then be appointed to that post, leaving a vacant post, and so on.

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