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Most prominent were the video projections on the level of readiness of South Korean city of Pyeongchang for Winter Olympics or the Belarusian Minsk for the European Games inand the members of the Assembly were also presented the new format of athletic competitions that will take place at the European Games in Minsk. We hope for successful co-operation on European projects and in designing of European sports policies. The Assembly session will continue on Saturday 9 am and will end around 1 pm, when an official press conference is scheduled.

Centar za prava u sportu HOO-a okupio pravnike na temu dopinga. Sport Fest, atraktivni sajam sporta, od Otvorene prve Igre prijateljstva, za Hrvatsku nastupa 23 predstavnika. Srebrni olimpijac iz Dvije godine do OI u Tokiju kasni izgradnja dvaju objekata. Komunikacijska radionica o servisu Sportska Hrvatska Servis vijesti Sportska Hrvatska od danas i na portalu SN-a.

HOA i Hrvatski aikido savez promovirali 20 trenera i trenericu. Veliki dan hrvatskog sporta u srijedu, S kubanskim izaslanstvom HOO pokrenuo konkretizaciju suradnje. HOO poziva zainteresirane gospodarske subjekte na prethodno savjetovanje. Ratnik i molitelj Pg. Idem s tobom Pg.

Prva i druga knjiga Ljetopisa – Wikipedija

Borba za blagoslov Pg. Numerous awards to football players on the Great Day of Croatian Sport Zagreb, December 19th, — At the traditional ceremony of the Great Day of Croatian Sport, the Croatian NOC HOO reminded of athletic achievements in the year soon to be over and rewarded the most successful figures as well as most deserving persons in the field of sports for lifetime achievement.

Historical success of Croatian tennis players – the second overall triumph in the prestigious Davis Cup Lille, November 25, – For the second time since playing under their own tricolor and 13 years after the first triumph, Croatian tennis players judiat on the top of the world. The ceremony was held in Oakland and on Saturday afternoon Draganja was introduced to the supporters in front of 60, spectators at a college football game at California Memorial Stadium.

Prague Conference reaffirmed the Olympic Festival as an important tool in the promotion of Olympism Prague, October 26, – Olympic Festival is the tool of the future and recognized as such by the International Olympic Committee – could be heard in Prague at the recently completed conference of project participants, male and female representatives of seven National Olympic Committees Croatia, Slovenia, Bib,ija, FranceBelgium, the Netherlands and Finland and the region of South Bohemia.

Towards gender balance in Sport”, as part of the Croatian presiding of Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. The Forum gathered representatives from 50 countries with the aim biboija exchanging the best practices, policies and establishing major regional and subregional trends in the Mediterranean. The first was the most shiny one— gold medal, won on October 19, So, on this date, exactly fifty years ago, we have won the first Croatian single Olympic gold.


The jdita is on progress in the fight for gender equality. Czech Jiri Liptak took the third place. The 70th International Olympic Day celebrated throughout Croatia on June 23 Zagreb, June 23, — On June 23, the Croatian Olympic Family celebrated the International Olympic Day, which celebrates this year its 70th anniversary, through a series of sports matches and events throughout Croatia.

Croatian Olympic Committee

Many other museums also gave “sports spirit” to this year’s event, so the Croatian History Museum put the focus on the boxing match of legendary Mate Parlov and the Argentine Miguel Angelo Cuello that took place some forty years ago. Throughout the night, everybody could watch the said famous match on the video wall, while the museum walls featured newspaper articles from that time The Judiha of Museums has clearly shown the importance of sports in the Croatian society to more than one hundred visitors through around kudita hundred museums and galleries throughout our Beautiful homeland.

In a pleasant conversation, along with traditional Korean specialties, the Ambassador Won-sup-Park has shown respectable knowledge of Croatian sports, but also about the Croatian coast, economic potentials, wines The Olympians were also delighted with the reception and hospitality of the host, as well as with the entire staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

Luger Daria Obratov could not find enough words to express her enthusiasm, while the bobsleigh crew stated that adapting to the Korean “kitchen” would not be a problem. The International Olympic Committee has accepted the proposal on participation of two sports delegations at the opening ceremony under the joint name “Korea”. The delegation will enter the Olympic Stadium with the Korean unification flag with the emblem of the islandcarried by two athletes, one from each NOO.

The International Olympic Committee has also decided to allow two National Olympic Committees to form – for the first time in their Olympic history – a joint representation in a sport.

The joint female ice hockey team will be formed by adding 12 players and one North Korean coach to the existing player Olympic team of the host. With regard to fair play, only 22 players will participate in the game, as is the case with all the Olympic teams. The main coach, responsible for selecting of athletes, will be from South Korea. The united women’s ice hockey team will present itself under the Korean unification flag and perform as Korea COR and the hymn will be the song “Arirang”.

In all other sports, the athletes will compete for their NOCs in their own jerseys. The International Olympic Committee has awarded a dozen additional quotas to the North Korean athletes in figure and speed skating, cross-country and alpine skiing.

The athletes and delegation from North Korea will arrive at the Olympic Village no later than February 1st, and they will, like all the athletes participating at the Olympics, undergo the anti-doping testing. The unveiling of the monument was followed by a video presentation of his matches and a trophy exhibition for the numerous guests of the one and only “golden left hand”. Croatian Olympic Academy and Croatian Mountaineering Federation promoted the first generation of sport climbing coaches Zagreb, December 2, – The first generation of sports male and female coaches, arising from the expert training program launched by the Croatian Olympic Academy HOA in cooperation with the Croatian Mountaineering Federation HPS was promoted at the Zagreb’s Sheraton hotel.


The list of 25 laureates includes the names of former and current athletes, coaches and sports officials, with the Croatian water-polo players dominating among them. Twelve of even 20 water -polo players including Tucak selector received the award in person. At the session, a new leadership was elected to run the Athlete’s Commission for the next four years, headed by the Chairman, well-known discus thrower Estonian Gerd Canter, with Hungary’s Balazs Baji, a meters hurdler as his Deputy and the Irish hockey player David Harte as Secretary.

Great day of Croatian Sport on Wednesday, December 20 at 8 p. Zagreb, October 19, — Great Day of Croatian Sport, a traditional Croatian Olympic Committee’s celebration at the end of another successful sports year, will be held on Wednesday, December 20th at the Crystal Hall of the Westin hotel in Zagreb, starting at 8 p.

September edition of Olimp with reminder of Barcelona ‘ Zagreb, October 4, – How a talented young footballer with suddenly ended career due to a broken leg became a top athlete?

Symposium on doping in sports: Sport must remain a juddita competition! Split, October 6, – Doping is as old as the sport itself and only the fight against doping is slightly younger, it is a continuous match — said dr.

A seminar titled “Men and Gender Equality in Sports: European Week of Sport in Croatia Zagreb, October 1, — In the presence of numerous Croatian top athletes and Olympians as well as public life notables, the closing ceremony of the European Week of Sport was held in Croatia on September 30, in the heroic city of Vukovar. After the first Games held in Baku inMinsk judiita host the second edition of this ibblija multi-sports competition. A rich schedule of multi-sport events until the Olympic Games Tokyo Zagreb, August 30th, — Until the Tokyo Olympicsfor which 50 potential candidates have been recorded up to August this year, the Croatian Olympic Committee and the relevant Olympic Programme Office have prepared a rich schedule of bblija events, as many as nine of them.

Psalmi, 79 – Biblija Hrvatski – Bíblia Católica Online

Olympic Basketball Team that performed at the Barcelona Olympics Decisions have been made on a series of measures that will affect WADA’s progress and sport without doping. Athletes-ambassadors — first messengers of the young Croatia Zagreb, January 16, — In memory of January 15, a great day in the Croatian history, when we – after almost nine centuries – became an internationally recognized state, we should recall the Croatian athletes-ambassadors who were lobbying around the world for the recognition of Croatia.

Even greater responsibility of sports organizations Zagreb, January 3, – The President of the International Olympic Committee IOC Biblijja Bach looked back at the successful Olympic yearstating that sports is one of the few activities that have the strength and the power to unite people in, as he highlighted, ever more “fragile” world.

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