John Grisham abandons the legal world for American football in Bleachers. What a shame, says Harry Ritchie. Now, as Coach Rake’s “boys” sit in the bleachers waiting for the dimming field lights to signal his passing, they replay the old games, relive the. On Friday nights, the entire town of Messina waited for the gate to open, then rushed to the bleachers where seats were claimed and nervous.

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Silo himself had bleacuers customized—a leather WWII bomber jacket, black denim pants, black boots. He lived for the sight of blood on the poor boy lined up against him.

I’d probably like it more if I were more in to high school football. Bleachers uses flashbacks through out the whole story, mainly just showing what impact Eddie had on these men back in the day.

A whole new ball game

Their lives revolve around the team. Jun 12, Mark F rated it really liked it. In those days, Eddie Rake had more political clout in Messina than all the politicians combined, and he thought nothing of it. With Neely and Paul, he started for three years.

Bleachers (novel) – Wikipedia

Bleachers is one of those rare Grisham novels that isn’t a lawyer book. They were brisham of a small fraternity whose membership was forever closed. Then I remember that I was like that too. I enjoyed this book because of the football setting in the mohn the players and grishamm are celebrities in the town and everyone from the town even if they dont have kids on the team or are not avid football fans still show out to the games Neely talks with other guys about the past It was not fun.


Books by John Grisham. Published July 15th by Arrow first published Whatever it was, it didn’t ultimately fill the void in my heart and I was always dissatisfied and looking for the next thing worthy of my time and attention.

I think about what they will be left with when it gets dull, or when the thing they love is removed, or they are no longer able to worship it in the same way. This was a fun sporty and quick read about greatness, regret, forgiveness, and life.

Over the next 48 hours, he will face his demons and try to banish them. He doesn’t need to. Along the way, the players reminisce and look hard at who they have become.

Totally up my alley since it is about an iconic high school football coach and the impact he had on multiple generations of players. Sadly,the relationship betwe A High school football star comes back to his hometown to bid farewell to his dying coach.

There’s a l Bleachers By John Grisham Fiction – Novella Former high school football players return to their home town to wait for the death of their former football coach, Eddie Rake. I actually was a massive football supporter in my teens and obsessive about every game. I loved that they realized after the fact the impact that the coach has. However, Eddie only appears towards the end, and in a coffin.


The glory days were gone. Because the sport is, of course, not the kind loved and adored throughout the rest of the world but American football, the veteran stars who are recalling the triumphs of 15 years before are still in their early 30s. He listens to an old audio-broadcast of one of their championship games.

Now Messina football was played by mortals, and the town had lost its swagger. No one craved the verbal abuse as much as Silo. Neely knows the score: No green because every kid wanted to wear green. What a pity that a fine suspense author had to put all of his fans through this horrible ordeal.

Next to it was number 56, worn by Jesse Trapp, a linebacker who played briefly at Miami then went to grishm.

Theresa I think the author chose the setting because it is the story of Friday nights in just about every small town in the South.

Bleachers – John Grisham

But I do his banking, and secrets are hard to keep around here. The first jogger appeared and began plodding counter-clockwise around the track. A departure from the usual Grisham legal novels. Overall, this is a tale about closure and burying grudges along with the past. Bleachdrs book focuses on whether the famous Eddie Rake, former coach of the Messina High School football team, was loved or hated by his former players.