BEWARE: This is an erotic STORY inspired by Seducing Sarah (The Madame X School of Sex) by Jinx Jamison. You might remember that Sarah Caldwell signs. Sarah Caldwell’s dull life is about to get shaken up when she enters the Madame X sex school. She has been secretly lusting after her boss. All about Seducing Sarah (The Madame X School of Sex, #1) by Jinx Jamison. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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I also enjoyed that the themes of SSC and rejecting demonized notions of sex were present throughout Seducing Sarah.

Seducing Sarah (The Madame X School of Sex, #1)

Other books in jamisln series. The Recipe for Naughty http: No trivia or quizzes yet. Defiantly a hot story for those looking for a steamy sexy fast read: View all 7 comments. I had read other books by this author and found that I really wanted to read this one as well. It would make it harder for her to recognize his voice. Shame on you Jinx Jamison!

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. And of course – why didn’t Quinn just ask Sarah out in the first place, instead of dropping everything to return to his position as a dom so he could be her teacher?

Seducing Sarah (The Madame X School of Sex) (BDSM, erotic romance) by Jinx Jamison

It was short and fast paced for one. Everyone there should be pretty happy, right? He left his life as Master Q behind for a reason and once vowed to never set foot in the Madame X School again. I’ve read many of the reviews for this story both good and bad and I think many of them had legitimate points to be made.


When Quinn gets a phone call from Madame X about one of her soon to be students, he jumps at the chance to go back to the school and jump into his position as Master Q – one of the talented Teachers at the school. I was fifteen and reckless, determined to prove I could be a bad ass. However, these really are dependent on the person, as I discovered. The ending was, well, at the end. Every time I take something I have to wonder if this jzmison the day my luck will run out.

This book was a partial story and it angers me to no end that I have to buy the second part to finish this story. I absolutely loved this book!

Jinx Jamison: Books

This book is so hot, I would not mind finding a Quinn of my own. I wish it was a little longer to get more character development but there is nothing missing in the chemistry between Sarah and Quinn. Overall, loved this book, though there wasn’t as much actual sex as there was sexual acts I loved that Madame X in the story actually makes it a point to say they have a very strict safe sex polic Wow!! I didn’t mind suspending disbelief, I assure you.

He yanked it from its holster and held it to his ear. If you have a problem with orgasms, do not purchase this book. The phone clipped to his belt vibrated.

Seducing Sarah (The Madame X School of Sex, #1) by Jinx Jamison

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Anything to prove she’s not as sexual Ever since her fiance left her, Sarah Caldwell has led an unremarkable life. Seducing Sarah The Madame X School of Sex is an erotic tale based on an interesting premise, although some suspension of disbelief is required when Sarah initially fails to realise that Quinn and Master Q are one and the same.


He was her boss and they both admired each other from afar but that was the extent of their contact until she enrolled in this school. So pull up a chair and get comfortable. Summary I thought it was just going to be another night of working late, on a Friday night no less.

Sign Up or Jaamison to review this book or add it to sarwh bookshelf. She made a non-committal sound on the zarah end of the line.

Jinx Jamison is a great writer Sarah Caldwell will get exactly what she needs over the next three weeks. She writes erotica about ordinary women finding out extraordinary things. All she wants is the chance to do something exciting.

Books by Jinx Jamison. This is the story of the day I stole from the wrong man. My best friend Jody dared me to take a pack of gum from the Handy-Mart. Yet here he was throwing clothes into a suitcase as if his house was on fire. Before she’s even met with Madame X she is caught masturbating while watching a zarah go down on a girl for his “oral exam”. I loved it but it went really fast though. I do wish the ending had continue This is the first erotica book that I fell in love with Want to give this book another half a ajmison.

This indulged in everyone of my fantasies A very fast steamy read. I wish the relationship between the two could’ve developed a bit more.

I can understand them lusting over each other when you see each other every day, but to suddenly be saying I love you?