Jingo (A Discworld Novel) [Terry Pratchett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A weathercock has risen from the sea of Discworld and. Jingo is the twenty-first novel by Terry Pratchett, one of his Discworld series. It was published in The title can be related to the word jingoism, meaning an . Jingo. Cover art by Paul Kidby. Co-author(s). Illustrator(s). Publisher, Gollancz. Publication date, Sep 2, ISBN, X. Pages, RRP.

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For an author so set on exploring humanity, what makes pratchetr tick and why, it is somewhat curious it took Terry Pratchett more than 20 Jibgo books to tackle war. Two years ago, Pratchett was interviewed by Cory Doctorow. In it, Pratchett talks about his thoughts about authority, an area where he is curiously conservative.

Speaking about Vetinari, he says: After all, the bus driver is allowed to be the boss of the bus. Perhaps conservative is unfair. Pratchett is, if anything, pragmatic and sensible, realising that there needs to be some order.

Which is why Vimes rises through the ranks, despite his occasional speciesest views and questionable temperament, and Vetinari himself is practically superheroic in his abilities, even though you get the impression running Ankh-Morpork is some sort of game for his praatchett amusement.

Jingo (novel) – Wikipedia

Because, as the war that ripped Yugoslavia apart showed, there can sometimes be strong arguments for countries to enter conflict. As you can probably tell, I am a bit of a war nerd, early mid-life crisis arguably to blame. Pratchett poking my brain to get me to think about this subject, why people do it and also why some people can be so good at it, or even enjoy it, should be a marvel.

Jingo pits Ankh-Morpork against Klatch over a disputed island that rises in the Circle Sea that separates them. The novel gives us war, murder, Vimes and Vetinari so the signs are promising. But Jingo is sadly tery Small Gods with rifles replacing religion. Last week, I criticised Hogfather for being too flabby, for putting the plot on hold all too often.

If anything, Jingo has the opposite problem. It hurtles between too many plot strands that it is difficult to keep track of what is going on. Did we read about that guy? But Vimes spends most of the novel watching him disappear over the horizon. Think back to Men at Arms teery how every member of the Watch is speciesest in some way, even the sainted Carrot.

In Jingo, war is bad, the people are manipulated in blaming the other and it is the common man who has to suffer trrry the whims of their leaders. All noble opinions but in Small GodsPratchett wrote an excellent novel both criticising religion and also showing how it can be important to a society. Occasionally he does revert to type and the old anger and ambiguity that drives some of his best novels come back to the fore, as he questions easy assumptions.


Take the following bumper quote about Vimes:. He wanted there to be conspirators. It was much better to imagine men in some smoky room somewhere, made mad and cynical by privilege and power, plotting over the brandy. It was so much easier to blame it on Them. It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us. If it was Jingk, what did that make Me?

No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them. As we have seen in other books, particularly The Watch novels, Pratchett has a lot of time for man, singular. You meet people one at prqtchett time, they seem decent, they got brains that work, and then they get together and you hear the voice of people.


His bullheaded belief that the criminal must be Morporkian is mocked by Ahmed when they finally meet at the end of the book. Be generous, Sir Samuel.

Truly treat all men equally. Allow Klatchians the right to be scheming bastards. Instead of the grand sweep of WAR, we get a background narrative of two countries preparing their fleets and armies, while the Watch is on the hunt. Nobby gets in touch with his feminine side by dressing as a pratfhett dancer and the Patrician makes an unlikely figure of the greatest street entertainer the Discworld has ever seen. Unlike the rest of the book, Pratchett allows this scene to breathe and it is all the better and funnier for it.

One knows what the objects are and where they want to go. When Angua jjngo captured, Vimes is caught between going to save her or staying to help Ankh-Morpork. He chooses the former but he grabs the organiser from the dimension where Vimes decided to stay. So the Vimes who goes to save Angua and chase Ahmed is told by his organiser what would have happened if he had stayed in Ankh-Morpork. In short, everyone dies. Updates of how things fall apart are dropped into the story every so often and these sentences give a neatly chilling alternative as to how things could have turned out.

Pratchett does dark really well and this throwaway fun concept has more impact than you would initially imagine. Ultimately Jingo is a missed opportunity. War is such a big, terrifying, complex concept that it seems perfect for Pratchett to get his considerable intellectual chops into. Next week, Rincewind is back again. Find out next week. Although very enjoyable in places, I do find Jingo to be the weakest of the Watch books. I agree that there are too many plot strands which means some inevitably get short-changed.


Like Liked by 1 person. Having read several obituaries of Lee Kuan Yew during the past 24 pratchert, I think there are a lot of parallels that can be drawn between the two dictators.

I mean rulers, definitely rulers. I finished Making Money today so only have four Discworld books left. I may leave rereading it for a while…. I just found your blog thanks to a recommendation from a friend.

I am a big fan of re-reading. I reread Jane Pratcgett and Tolkien every year. This time through I am reading the books by character group and I started reading all the Watch books in a row.

I agree that Jingo is extremely funny and also choppy and all-over-the-place a bit. Vetinari is one of my favourite characters as well.

The scenes with Vetinari, Leonard, Colon, and Nobby are incredibly enjoyable and my favourite part of this particular book. Ah, that explains where the referrals are coming from!

I sometimes think TP only set this story in Klatch in order to get that pun in… Really enjoying your pieces on the books which I came to only a few years ago but have quickly grown to love. Thank you for your considered and interesting reviews! He was substitious, which put him in a minority among humans. He believed instead in the things that partchett true in which no one else believed. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Like Liked by 1 person Reply. I may leave rereading it for a while… Like Like Reply. Jingo birthed one of my top 10 Pratchett quotes of all pratdhett. Jingo has perhaps my favourite joke in any Pratchett novel.

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