To get started using JiBX, you just need to download the distribution zip file from and the offline version of this documentation, also included in the distribution. JiBX Tutorial, JiBX Example, JiBX Binding Example, JiBX jars download, jibx xml to java object, More info on these can be found in the JiBX documentation. You’ll end up with a directory named jibx, which contains all the JiBX JARs, documentation, examples, and even the source code.

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The schema uses only three global definitions: Unmarshalling is the reverse process of marshalling, building an object and potentially a graph of linked objects in memory from an XML representation. By using Java code and BindGen as the basis for your schema development as shown in this tutorial, you can apply all the flexibility of Java IDEs to create schema definitions quickly and easily without in any way committing yourself to using JiBX. For simpleType restriction enumerations, such as the shipping type in Listing 1, CodeGen generates a Java 5 enum type by default.

The JiBX documentation provides full details about different ways to run the binding compiler, including how you can run it at run time rather than as part of the build. Licensed to the JiBX Project for free distribution and use.

JiBX , Part 2: XML schema to Java code

The package name generated from the schema namespace, org. No quotes are needed for attribute value when you use this technique. This change reduces the number of top-level classes in the data model from 15 to 10 — not a bad start on simplifying the data model.

JiBX’s binding capabilities go far beyond what’s shown by this simple example.

You can even avoid using a path completely, instead using nesting combined with a name attribute. In particular, cases where the same element name is used repeatedly can result in value names distinguished only by digit suffixes, making it difficult to understand the proper use of the values.


CodeGen can easily handle jubx number of schemas, but the number of generated classes and the complexity of the interrelationships would obscure the more interesting aspects of the schema handling. Order class and the entire org. What sets JiBX apart from the others are performance and flexibility features. This tool, named Jibx2Wsdl, builds on top of BindGen. A customization file is passed to BindGen as a command-line parameter, using the form -c file-path.

XML schema to Java code

JiBX performance consistently measures at the top end of the range, surpassing that of other common tools such as JAXB 2. There are also convenient examples to help get you going, in four flavors:. The tutorial download includes an Ant build. Besides the PersonName components used as examples in the preceding subsection, the TimeCard schemas have a documemtation of other complex components that are not used in the sample documents included in this tutorial.

JiBX – Plugin Documentation

CodeGen often is able to reduce the number of generated classes by examining references and inlining definitions where possible and by ignoring unused definitions in included and imported schema definitions. Figure 2 shows the output that you should see when you run this target, assuming you’ve already run the compile and bindgen targets.

Documebtation this section, you’ll learn how to customize BindGen operation to control the XML representation of data, change the style of names and namespaces, and control some aspects of schema structure. The starter examples all include these steps as Ant targets.

This is found in the starter directory off the installation root. The final pair of attributes work together.

This target is an alternative to the bindgen target shown earlier, so to run the complete build you’d use the Ant command line: Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about using the new features of JiBX 1. If some of your classes only define jubx with arguments, you can use BindGen customizations to make them usable by JiBX. Binding definitions contain full details of the conversions to be done by JiBX, so they’re necessarily complex. You can use several different approaches for establishing the association between the customization and the schema element because one approach may be more convenient than another in a particular situation.


Schemas of the type shown in Listing 14called “Venetian Blind” style schemas, are popular for use with complex XML structure documentatin. Future releases of JiBX will simplify the process of creating Web services implementations, so check the documentation in your JiBX distribution to find out about any hibx features in this area. You can see from Listing 7 that the description doxumentation is now missing from the schema representation, as specified by the customizations.

It also provides very high performance, outperforming all other Java data binding tools across a wide variety of tests.

There are also some cases where the Java value names used by CodeGen don’t work well. You may want to assemble your class files into jar files, for instance, after you’ve run the binding compiler which currently requires the class files in un-jarred form. Getting Started Binding Tutorial A basic binding. BindGen also supports generating one-way conversions, which can be more convenient in some cases.

These modifications to field names are applied before the fields are matched to value names used in other customizations and naturally also apply when XML names are generated from the field names. In this case, the decorator is a predefined one provided as part of the CodeGen distribution, which documentatkon useful support methods for collection values.

I discussed how this selects the values from the class that are included in the XML representation. Here are the links for the details of these steps, along with information on some useful tools included in the distribution: Unfortunately, schemas are often written using the xs: The sample code includes an Ant build file to automate running the JiBX tools and handle the other steps documentatoin in the examples.