Recipes for travel, either by foot or vehicle. | See more ideas about Camping foods, Backpacking food and Camping and Hiking. While you can always get a frying pan attachment, the JetBoil system excels at boiling water very quickly and efficiently. Some people say the. Just bought a Jetboil and have been looking around for recipies. What are some of Did you see this?

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San Diego, not Mex, but I can smell it from here.

JetBoil Zip Review and Recipes (Camping Cooking System)

Measure out desired amount of instant mashed potatoes and appropriate amount of water, combine and let sit for a minute or so. Then I discovered the Honey Nut flavor didn’t need either to taste good. In sturdy Ziploc bag, mix powdered coconut milk, water, chopped veggies and curry paste. Last but not least, the perforated lid with spout doubles as a strainer. Jan 13, Oddometer: Feb 11, Oddometer: However, if you are used to cooking up stews and frying pancakes, eggs or bacon, the JetBoil Zip by itself is not enough.

Camping freeze dried meals that you eat right out of the pouch. The afternoon had been pretty wet thus far and it looked like we were in for more horizontal rain. May 4, Oddometer: I am very keen on anything that will cook in a cup, and not need to be heating in the jet-boil cup, so I don’t have to clean it.


Your Jetboil or just add water recipies Discussion in ‘ Equipment ‘ started by Trailryder42Sep 21, Lunch Chicken Casserole 1 can cooked white meat chicken Shelf Stable Parmesan Onion powder Garlic powder Instant Mashed Potatoes Dump your chicken into the JetBoil without draining it and heat till warm, stirring jetboll the burner is on. Follow us on Instagram Something is wrong.

One last thing to watch out for. When it gets to the find stage when the couscous is resting and absorbing the water, add in everything else on the top to heat it. She’s passionate about inspiring families to enjoy the outdoors with their children, learning to unplug and living a healthy lifestyle, giving kids life skills and exploring the world around us sharing Family Friendly, Fun Ideas for the whole family on Frog Mom.

Your Jetboil or just add water recipies | Adventure Rider

Cook couscous as directed. Feel free to share your questions and experiences in the comment section below.

Definitely use the hot water for instant rice. SnapperSep 22, What are some of yours? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Add the appropriate amount of water for the mashed potatoes and heat. Just add hot water, stir and drink.

Sounds horrible, but “Disney Magic Oatmeal – maple and brown sugar” refipes The Best Hiking and Backpacking Gifts You can buy cheap packs of ramen noodles anywhere in the world. JRSep 23, Feb 7, Oddometer: To my defence, it was raining again and yes, this was Scotland. Squeeze the air out and boil in cook pot. Laure is an author, environmental advocate, blogger, open water swimmer and now mother.


The FluxRing is already designed as a windscreen. Thinking that I am going to get a cook pot or skillet for it soon.

You never know how fast water can boil.

Sep 4, Oddometer: Boil and take out every couple of minutes to squeeze so it cooks evenly. Oct 8, Oddometer: While you can always get a frying pan attachment, the JetBoil system excels at boiling water very quickly and efficiently.

Adios PantalonesSep 23, I hope jebtoil this JetBoil Zip review was informative about this cooking system and that you have a recipez idea about what the JetBoil Zip can and cannot do. Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: Dinner Taco Chicken Wraps 1 can white meat chicken Taco Seasoning tortillas avocado tomato freeze dried corn Add corn into JetBoil and cover with water, bring to a boil. You can sign up to be a site supporter here. Very precisely, the specs are. Log in or Join.

Squeeze air out so it sinks in the JetBoil cooking pot. Then I will try some recipes at home to make sure I like them and they like me.