JASO D – JAPANESE AUTOMOBILE STANDARD JAS0 D General rules of environmental testi. Buy JASO D Electrical Equipment – General Rules Of Environmental Testing Methods For Automotive Electronic Equipment from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of JASO D at Engineering

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Electronic fuel injection system, electronic ignition control system, etc.

Any equipment installed under the spring of suspension system and any equipment installed on engine, the vibration of which is relatively high. Then take the test specimen out of the chamber, keep it for 2 hours or more under room temperature, test it according to 5. Then, make the temperature gradually approached to other temperature and record in like manner. In the necessary case, the testing conditions severity of the shock, height of drop, etc.

Further, haso for the intensity of interference magnetic field for tests by means of magnetic fields, the test method d01 is specified due to the lack of adequate data to establish a standard. A power supply device, input device s and loading devices s. Type B and Type C Impressing at operating portion tests These are the tests assuming the case that electrostatic discharge occurs a manual operating portion where the driver may have frequently to touch and the equipment malfunctions and burn out damage.

Appearance and other conditions o the f equipment at that time shall also be confirmed. Take the specimen out of the chamber, remove water drops from its surface, if any, then keep it for 2 hours or more under room temperature, test it jasp to 5. The jask of the grounding is desirable to keep constant within the range of 30 – 70cm. In d01, any conditions including but not limited to the visual appearance shall also be verified. Supposed that those tests are required to evaluate any reliability, only the temperature and humidity test should be required.

Test method of JIS D shall be carried out by means with the dust for test of the class 8 or the class 6 specified in 3. It shall be confirmed and recorded whether any abnormity is available or not. Record the characteristics of the equipment accordingly. Even C equipments installed in the vehicle room are subject to jasso temperature conditions if they are so located as exposed to jasl rays of sunshine when the vehicle is parked at a high temperature ares.


Input device s and loading device s.

JASO D 94 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

uaso JAS0 D Fig. This is a test to evaluate the resistance against the over- voltage supplied in the case mentioned above, the objective equipment to which are same as those mentioned in the paragraph 5. Some of them are already published data on electromagnetic environments and some others are summaries of test results obtained to establish this standard. Further, for comprehensive evaluation of the equipment including the effects of wiring and grounding when it is fitted on a vehicle, a test impressing electromagnetic field directly is sometimes necessary as the technical report of SAE J for instance.


However, supposed that those tests are required to examine the changed behavior of the equipment due to change of the environmental conditions only by temperature and humidity cycle test, it is not possible to identify due to which the behavior available has been changed, either temperature change or humidity change. Table 1 of Explanatory reference 3: As for the high output transmitter for the test, it is considered convenient to use the transmitters with frequency bands for amatures 1.

Measured values around transmitting station or upon transmitting of transceiver include those obtained through combination of measuring conditions of distance and received polarized wave, etc. As for the measuring devices and methods, those which are generally used for measurement of electric field strength are used.

JASO D001-94

The test apparatus shall consist of a capacitor C to store electrostatic energy and a discharging resistor Rd, that are integrated in a discharging probe, and shall keep the length of each grounding constants so that the reproducibility of the tests may be easily carried out. Therefore, the time required of release was specified so as to be equal to 10 minutes to the maximum value ajso long after such maximum value iaso the condition at normal room temperature and under normal room humidity had been decked to be used.

Typical values of transient voltages under the above mentioned conditions are as follows, Load resistance: Kind of dust of JIS Zsubject to selection of kind of the test to be carried out being made in accordance with the agreement made by and between the persons concerned. Lower the temperature gradually, when the temperature has reached to – 30 O Ckeep the equipment for 1 f 0.

A power supply switching device is fitted in the test circuit as shown by S1 in Fig. The test specimen thus moved shall then be tested as it is without any dew being wiped out, in accordance with 5. As for the details such as kinds of signal lines indicated in the test circuit, etc.


Although these test apparatuses are desirable to be used in low temperature atmosphere, they may be used under room temperature if it is considered acceptable according to the agreement between the persons concerned.

In addition, the test apparatus for 14kHz to 30MHz frequency range electric fields may be the parallel strip line Explanatory Fig. Should there any resonance be available, the test shall be carried out in accordance with ” haso In case of occur in pesonance vibration” of 5. Moreover, in case of the equipment in 24V system, two different kinds of the testing circuits on which the voltage shall be applied for a duration of time so long as equal to 60 times shall be constructed, subject to the voltage condition being same as it of 5.

Should it be essentially required, the frequency of voltage application are recommended to be increased in accordance with the agreement made between the persons concerned. Power supply device for operation of test specimen Remarks1. Ammeter The accuracy shall be in class equal to or higher than maso. Results of the study on electrostatic charged voltages of passenger car drivers in winter Fig. Subsequent operations shall be as follows: Place the test specimen in the constant temperature and humidity chamber, raise gradually the temperature and humidity in the chamber.

Raytac Module MDBT40/MDBT40-P Certified Automotive Standard JASO D001-94

In case of the JIS Dsince depending on the place of the parts where to be installed, the applicable testing condition shall be selected, should the place have already been known, the test may be carried out in accordance with JIS D The test conditions are specified through dd001 measurements of the transient voltage of each inductive load, and relatively large transient voltages among these measurements are given as typical values.

A study had been carried out so as to obtain allowable range of the testing voltage. Transmitting antenna hood with absorption material An aluminum, Metal shield cylinder and end plate with 3. Equipment installed in the vehicle compartment and the trunk room, other than class 4.