Japanese Riichi Yaku List Hand Composition Yaku All Simples – Tanyao – (1) • Hand must not contain terminals, or 1’s or 9’s Triplet of Dragons, Round Wind. Mahjong on selfdraw (Tsumo). A player who has at least one yaku, can always declare mahjong, even if he is furiten. Riichi. Waiting on a concealed hand. Although a full Chinese or Japanese mahjong set usually contains tiles, The rules of modern Japanese mahjong recognise a couple of dozen Yaku.

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Japaneae occurs for any of the following: Pair Two of the same tile two 8’s. Winning on a single wait makes the hand a double yakuman. Looking at the tiles, two of the 3-Sou have been discarded already, making the possibility of an iipeikou mahjohg. Riichi – Ippatsu – Menzenchin tsumohou – Pinfu – Iipeikou.

If you’ve clicked this link, it means you have an interest in Japanese Mahjong, which is fantastic. A 2-hanchan game consists of two combined rounds of East and two combined rounds of South.

A hon’itsu hand may contain more than one sequence of honor tiles and may be a Seven Pairs hand. Chombo occurs for any of the following: However, two of the 8-Sou have appeared on the table.


This yaku is often called reach because its Japanese name is phonetically similar to the English word. Japanese-language versionAugust 16, Because the player discarded the 3-Pin earlier, they have placed themselves in furiten and are unable to win the hand using the discard of another player. However, some decrease in han value while being open.

List of yaku

The winning tile for a hand is called on another player’s Kan. From left to right, there are 3 Wan tiles, 3 Pin tiles, 4 Sou mahhjong, 2 Wind tiles, and 1 Dragon tile. Dora are not counted as yaku, meaning that a player cannot yaju unless they have another yaku in their hand. Under full kuikae, if a player calls a red 5-Pin to complete a sequence, they cannot discard any 5-Pins or 2-Pins, since the 2-Pin can also be used to complete the sequence.

Riichi Mahjong Yaku List

Mahjong is not about winning every hand: So, now that you’ve learned some basics, it’s time to get ready to play. You should definitely give yyaku a watch if you didn’t learn anything from my guide. Even with a many-sided wait, the first winning tile that emerges may not always yaaku the best.


Contains only red Sou tiles 1, 5, 7, and 9-Sou and Red Dragons. Contains only red Sou tiles 1, 5, 7, and 9-Sou and Red Dragons. In computer mahjong, however, there is no time limit.

Not the best, but not the worst either. The hand has a 1-Sou, which is a dora and gives bonus points.

Bonus points to you if you get the title reference. This continues all the way through nine. The new ura-dora indicator is the 4-Wan, meaning the new dora is the 5-Wan, giving the hand a total of 2 dora. Now you are ready to play mahjong.

Yaku – Japanese mahjong wiki

HanaYoriUta’s guide has been reuploaded to a new channel. Leave your question in the comments section and I will try my best to help you understand it. Next, the dealer should choose a tile to discard. Watched a few episodes and really enjoyed it.