Serasah Kakao Theobroma cacao L. merupakan salah satu hasil limbah dari perkebunan Kakao di Indonesia. Telah dilakukan penelitian. Ketahanan Papan Partikel Berkerapatan Sedang dari Tiga Jenis Kayu Cepat Tumbuh terhadap Rayap Tanah (Coptotermes Curvignathus) dan Jamur Pelapuk . KEAWETAN ALAMI KAYU MERANTI MERAH (Shorea leprosula Miq.) HUTAN ALAM DAN HUTAN TANAMAN DARI SERANGAN JAMUR PELAPUK KAYU.

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The percentage of the weight loss of the heart wood was lower than that of the sap jamuf. Research about the potential of locally fungal isolates of wood jaamur fungi in litter decomposition Cocoa Theobroma cacao L. Parameter pengamatan meliputi pertumbuhan jamur pada substrat organik secara visual dan kandungan hemiselulosa, selulosa dan lignin yang diamati oelapuk 30 hari.

The results showed that found 13 families and 23 species which dominates was from Polyporaceae Family, with 9 species founded. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan Isolat jamur yang paling cepat pertumbuhannya memenuhi bahan organik dalam baglog adalah isolat jamur JM dan MKS, kemudian isolat jamur KSH.

Jurnal Penelitian Hasil Hutan. The result showed that wood samples from Parungpanjang was classified as moderately resistant to resistant class III-IIwhile those from Serang district as non resistant class IV.

Inventarisasi Jamur Pelapuk Kayu dari Hutan Lereng Selatan Gunung Merbabu Jawa Tengah

The resistance of wood could be affected by the tree-growth site, age, pelqpuk in the log, species and strain of fungi. The purpose of the study was to determine the ability of some isolates to fungal rot of the area around Makassar in decomposing litter of cocoa Theobroma cacao L.


Observation parameters include fungal growth on organic substrates visually and content of hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin that were observed after 30 days. Large area 40x m2 sampling area and sampling is done at every meeting and not do it again if it is found the same type of fungus with the previous encounter.

The presence of cocoa waste in Indonesia is very abundant. Wood-rot fungus are fungus jjamur often found growing on rotten wood trunk or base of the tree is still alive. The purpose of this research is knowing the diversity of wood rot fungi in the south slopes forest of Mount Merbabu in Central Java.

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Both the sap and heart wood had similar resistance i. The most effective fungal isolates in reducing of hemicellulose level was C isolate Wood-rot fungi identification was performed using identification keys of the book The Complete Encyclopedia of Mushrooms and The Great Encyclopedia of Mushrooms.

Show full item record. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

Inventarisasi Jamur Pelapuk Kayu dari Hutan Lereng Selatan Gunung Merbabu Jawa Tengah – UMS ETD-db

The highest weight loss was found on 8 year old samples pelaluk the same area and on 11 year old samples from Serang. Tujuan dari penelitian adalah untuk untuk mengetahui kemampuan beberapa isolat jamur pelapuk dari daerah sekitar Makassar dalam mendekomposisi limbah serasah kakao Theobroma cacao L.


The most virulent fungus was Coriolus versicolor followed by Tyromyces palustris, Polyporus sp. Lihat sumber asal di ejournal.

The sampling was conducted along a hiking trail through Selo Merbabu of elevation m. Contact Us Send Feedback. Merbabu mountain is located in the region of Central Java province and including a mountain volcano that no longer active. Geographically the mountain is located 7,5 South Latitude and ,4 East Longitude with a height of m asl up to m sal height, mostly mountainous topography are hilly and there are ravines and steep cliffs.

Unduh teks lengkap Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages. More information and software credits. Some features of this site may not work without it. The less virulent ones were Dacryopinax spathularia, Chaetomium globosum, Pycnoporus sanguineus HHB, and Phlebia brevispora The highest weight loss was recorded on the sap wood of 8 year old samples from Parungpanjang exposed to Lentinus lepideus culture, the lowest was on the heart wood from the trees of the same age and origin exposed to D.

The lowest weight loss was found on 11 year old samples, taken from Parungpanjang district. Serasah Kakao Theobroma cacao L.

Litter Cocoa Theobroma cacao L, rot fungi, decomposition. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

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