James Potter and the Crimson Thread (Print PDF 34 MB) · James Potter and the Crimson Thread BOOK 2: James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper. In case you didn’t suspect it from the title, this is the sequel to James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing. Not only are we following James in. Curse of the Gatekeeper is the next book in line in the James Potter series. Is it as good as the first one? Got to read here to see the answer.

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I do like how the personal Weasley-Potter family problems from the beginning of the book are brought back around and solved in a satisfactory manner come the denouement. Maybe I just can’t stand double L’d words to never be double L’d, maybe I didn’t like the story, perhaps I just don’t like the style of writing – I don’t know what it is about these, I just can’t dive into them. The James Potter Series by G. Merlin is shacking up with Molly Weasley.

Weasley dies had me in tears.

James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper | James Potter Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Other books in the series.

Since Zane is gone he moved back to the States, but we still see him throughout the bookwe have the traditional trio in James, Rose, and Ralph.

I think the first one got a bit bogged down in the technomancy stuff. OR simply follow the instructions below and download the stories straight from here!

James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper

While I have no objection to killing off characters in a novel, somehow it feels wrong for a work jamess fan fiction to kill off an established character from the works it’s derived from.


Merlinus Ambrosius is now Hogwarts Headmaster, and as he is still of questionable character, the new trio James, Ralph and Rose spend a lot of time evaluating strange occurrences and Merlin’s possible involvement in them.

Also like his father, James is often blinded by his initial feelings of disdain, and misleads himself willingly by pursuing those he dislikes. Those spoilers are not really spoilers, they’re just notes about the book, that you may not be interested in, so I hide them. His writing isn’t similar to Rowling’s but it still gives you the feel of Harry Potter books. His suspicion is similarly aroused by those of the Slytherin house, unsurprisingly.

Scorpius becomes an invaluable asset to the trio as the plot thickens and Rose begins to understand that Malfoy may be the key to defeating the evil threat of the year And Albus becomes Slytherin!

Of course, all fanfiction should be credited if characters from the original books are being used. Norman Lippert produces yet another enjoyable book in the James Potter series. Just swat them away and move on ; The writer has given us a gift so that we might continue to enjoy Harry long after the series officially ended. Dont tell me you didnt notice. He somehow patched it all up from King of the cats to Chamber of secrets to lightning scar!! Want to Read saving…. If you tend to enjoy the fantasy genre that takes place with Harry Potter’s life, you’ll enjoy these seri Since I enjoyed the first book of the James Potter series, I decided to read the second sequel as well!


Rowling wrote the herself. Lippert for a second or two for killing him off. Albus falls into leagues with the “Dolores Umbridge Jr. I think the dynamic that Rose, Albus, and Scorpius brings to the story is something we Potter fans find familiar.

I expected him to be evil but I really liked him.

James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing

Contents [ show ]. So with those in mind I decided I’d form my own opinion on the stories, after all potter not as I had to pay, they were free downloads on Goodreads!

James Potter Audiobooks The James Potter series is available in lavishly produced audiobook format for the visually impaired.

He is a school thf to where he lives.

The James Potter Series by G. Norman Lippert

That scene reminded me of how it felt, even after I thought I was done mourning, and even reminded me of back when I was little playing at my other curee the last who died in ’07 house, with the yard of many pecan trees and the secret passage fro I only just started reading, but I wanted to say something about the janes at the Burrow. Again, if the Harry Potter novels felt formulaic, this one felt even more so.

I believe the bloodline would have been a better plot device for the story. But how can he know if his efforts are only helping the cause or working right into the plans of his enemies?