Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Jakob von Gunten has ratings and reviews. Gaurav said: Jakob von GuntenRobert WalserJakob von Gunten dissects the remote and vulnerable regi.. . Among Walser’s works available in English are Berlin Stories and Jakob von Gunten (both available as NYRB classics), Thirty Poems, The Walk, The Tanners, .

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The headmaster confesses to Jakob that he has a fondness for him which he can no longer control.

Jakob Von Gunten es un muchacho enamorado e ilusionado de la vida, tanto de la vida mundana y material, como de la vida no mundana, un tanto espiritual. Their the list is not complete, but the weight of these names should denote the intent work is so immense and so rich, it suffices to be a near comprehensive study in itself. Jakob se ne fa beffa, e se ne va da solo a zonzo.

Luckily,I am not one to succumb to silence even in those circumstances: Ci si applica meticolosamente a non pensare, a diventare un magnifico zero, rotondo come una palla, dice Jakob von Gunten. To this end, he enrols at the Benjamenta Institute, a school for servants. And because Jakob can masquerade as a sympathetic listener, Schacht even betrays his shameful secret: As a new pupil Jakob is tested by the headmaster.

His father has a car and horse at his disposal and his mother has her own box at the theatre.

He is bound to be employed by the best sort, a Countess at the snglish. The headmaster of the institute is Herr Benjamenta. Jakob Von Gunten has arrived at a vocational institute gjnten be trained as a domestic. The novel is written in the first person. Literature changed radically, irreversibly. Jakob von Gunten Jkaob Walser Jakob von Gunten dissects the remote and vulnerable regions of human brain, the dramatic tensions between the fluctuating demons of inner self and the savage realities of outer world carves out an enigmatic reality which pierces your heart and thrusts yourself through the crests and troughs of an assorted compendium of human emotions.


Other reviewers speak of the wondrous language and how the title character Jakob reminds them of Holden Caulfield, among others. Fairytales for example — what an absurd world of fakeness, full of I know I have produced some cringe-worthy reviews lately, but I have been in a cringe-worthy state of mind vunten some unruly fingers to top it off, vn there goes another one.

Walser based the novel on his own experiences: I despise my capacity for thinking. Let it all dream, let it all sleep. He visits his brother. Clearly he was intrigued by institutional life and perhaps hopefully in his later years it brought him some solace. The humility taught by the Benjamentas is not of the religious variety. It opened chasms of horror within.

Jakob von Gunten

As noted by all who have a brush with it, a very peculiar book, stylistically really out-of-nowhere for its time. It’s nice that there is no plot just beautiful prose-poem-like passages until close to the end.

jaklb There is such a hurry because people think every moment how nice it is to go struggling and grasping for things The statement feels like jesting. Of course there’s progress on earth, so called, but that’s only one of the many lies which the business people put out, so that they can squeeze money out of the crowd more blatantly and mercilessly.

The book is a young man’s inquisitive and irreverent account of life in what turns out to be guntne most uncanny of schools.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Aug 12, Vit Babenco rated it it was amazing. Walser, though not a misanthrope, manages to convey similar feelings, a bit ahead of time, and from a bit of a bourgeois lens. Certainly, I was unable to find my way into its mysteries — they seemed engoish stage props for monologues rather than genuine intrigues.

The generations of men losing the joy of life with all their treatises and understandings and knowledge I believe my initial rejection to the Middleton translation had everything to do with being a Walser novice, as today I do not carry with me the same negative feelings for Middleton and his work that I did back then. Being myself a rather serious poet I have to admit I love the way this title Jakob Von Gunten rolls off my tongue.

As much as I love literature, I have always felt that it has the tendency to mislead and subsequently create victims of society. So what Attention all Holden Caulfield haters. He isn’t always very assertive in eschewing the intellectual, though he does it often.

Jakob von Gunten – Wikipedia

He has his airs about him that are disgusting to me and he appears to me to be significantly unhappy. Selected jxkob Title Page. Trivia About Jakob von Gunten. View all 5 comments. Un narratore a cui ci si affeziona, di poche parole con gli altri ma un fiume in piena quando scrive il suo diario.

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