These excerpts are extracted from Jacob Needleman’s book, Money and the Meaning of Life, New York: Currency Doubleday, , Chapters 13, 14 & Amit (Host): Today, our guest is none other than Jacob Needleman, someone who really embodies today’s theme and hopefully we’ll be able to. Called Money and the Meaning of Life, the author is Jacob Needleman, a professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University.

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How can we be in the world, as they say, but not of it? What really brings fulfillment?

So I can’t give you a simple thing to say to do right away. That’s what you are lufe, isn’t it? When we think of American government, we think kind of 18th century institutions like liberal democracy, very much founded upon a strong state, a certain view of human nature.

Money and the Meaning of Life

But we pretend that we are different towards it than we really are. And to see how that need enters into so many aspects of our current life in lice world, in this time, in this place with this environment.

You receive that as the truth about yourself. Today, in our nedeleman era, we may speak of it, giving the word an entirely new dimension of power, as conscience. But the constant struggle between the outer world, not only meankng physical material but also the outward pursuits, the power, the influence and all of those kinds of things and how that interacts with the internal quest is something that I have just been very, very focused on for the past few years.


If the search for conscience is forgotten, American democracy will just be another empire.

What we know as greed and possessiveness, with their attendant traits of cruelty and human exploitation, are results of this ignorance of the inner world. And just as suddenly it is going to be obvious to needlemann that getting everything you want is not going to do anything for you.

Jacob Needleman, Money and the Meaning of Life

In terms of the relationship with time and money, there are some people, more enlightened people will say, ” I just want to spend my time doing what I want to do. But the question you are now bringing goes beyond change of attitude. People want be wealthy. Then you begin to develop this witness that can accompany you. Now that’s a truism. Is money similarly taboo? I’m sure lot of people would echo that too. So tue it all ajcob a nutshell, which is much easier to say than to live, is that human nature is built to give.

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Ask people to remember the first time they ever held a large amount of money, and how it felt. Money is not important. Well, I knew that I wanted always to be a scientist. You have to bring your meditation, if you do something like that, into the board room, into the conversations with other people, the work of listening and all that kind of thing.

That’s part of the question. Money is just too powerful, life is just too powerful.

Money and the Meaning of Life

What would you say is the most common misconception that businesspeople have about money? For the moment forget about the money. Needleman actually slips it past the reader; in what I thought was a rather sneaky and even canny way and then writes on as if “well that’s taken care of. In Conversation with Lobsang Phuntsok. I was particularly struck by the teachings of a man named Gurdjieff, who spoke about this kind of thing and seem to offer ways and help to other people that could make one more open to it.


That there is all kinds of very ordinary chaos in the not for profit world?

How does one do that? Trending DailyGoods Nov Now that honesty has been exploited by, what the earlier fathers of the desert would call, “the devil”. Redisocovering the Wisdom of the Founders”.

But nedleman needs to have this other kind of understanding and emphasis which requires people of some more developed understanding to lead it.

It’s actually combined in this idea of debt. I will focus on the things the things I love and the money will follow. It’s part of what conscience means. You want to have a huge surplus so you are never in debt. It’s very fragile very tentative at the ,ife. And as money has become the principal means for organizing contact with the outer world, there is nothing more vivid—for most of us—than the question of how to have, get, make, accumulate money.

I was just talking to a friend of mine who was saying that,” you may feel like you are spiritually light because of this newfound foot looseness.