Just import your favourite teaching materials into iTunes U — documents, annotation is available on iPad (3rd generation) or later, and iPad mini 2 or later. 2. Project management (eBook). This unit is based upon a case study scenario Part of Apple’s iTunes store, iTunes U is a vast learning resource offering free. Definition from — iTunes U is a dedicated section of Apple’s iTunes Music Store that features more than educational audio and video files from .

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From videos to polished presentations, students can submit their work directly from supported apps to an assignment in iTunes U. Each track has attributes, called metadatathat can be edited by the user, including changing the name of the artist, album, and genre, year of release, artwork, among other additional settings.

Now this app offers a ton of courses in a wide variety of subjects. If you are a teacher, this is the best itunesk for you! Enroll as an Institution.

A best software to sync apple devices data with computer system such as music, pictures, etc. I would love if more courses were offered from different universities. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Is Stanford’s content part of the iTunes Music Store?

Visit this subject Law Should Advocates be Passionate? And built-in grading lets you track the progress of your entire class at a glance.

Functionality only accessible by apple phone users Overall: Engage every student with rich learning materials like apps, books, videos, podcasts, and primary sources from across iTunes.


This software is very reliable. Most important thing to me is the security. I really like the possibility of continuing education and the ease of which it is possible to do online now. I can listen and enjoy podcasts while I work.

This version itunesj provides: As election fever grows – so does the importance of opinion polls which today are an essential part of modern political life. There aren’t many cons about iTunes but when downloading music, it takes up a little too much memory on my phone and so it doesn’t leave room for other apps Overall: Iger Andrea Jung Arthur D.

I love how your music collection becomes something you can be proud of. This update includes the following features: Students can also be sneaky with iTunesU. One of the best. K—12 schools, colleges and universities can distribute courses and collections of education content by signing up for Public Site Manager.

iTunes U: In Depth Upload Files for Posting to iTunes U

The primary developers of the software moved to Apple as part of the acquisition, and simplified SoundJam’s user interface, added the ability to burn CDs, and removed its recording feature and skin itunwsu. I love that this app still exists. The site includes Stanford course lectures, faculty presentations, event highlights, music and more.

Beginning with the iPhone 3G in Juneactivation did not require iTunes, making use of activation at point of sale. I iitunesu store all of my music and media without having to worry about losing any data. Because it helps me to do my daily things more easier. I liked the interface and choice, but quickly got bored with the limitations.

The variety is impressive and the access to audio, video, and assignments is great. The original iPhone smartphone required iTunes for activation and, until the release of iOS 5 iniTunes was required for installing software updates for the company’s iOS devices. I can make playlists and sort it by download date, artist, genre, etc.


The software is offered free by Apple and is an excellent software itunewu post-secondary students. Life on Mars Discover how asteroids and microbes flying through space could hold the secret to life Through a “Home Sharing” feature, users can share their iTunes library wirelessly. While not extremely expensive, the cost is sometimes prohibitive for public education employees. What’s not to like. Homework stays at the top of their to-do list instead of the bottom of their backpack.

Visit this subject Childhood and Youth The project worker’s role Steve’s love of music inspires youngsters to have belief in their own I love how easy it is to listen, create playlist, and share music with friends.

iTunes U Reviews and Pricing –

Religious Institutions, employees. More recommendations for music based on my downloads. Listen to great music anywhere! A look at Apple’s media app and its influence on an industry”. Apple Music sometimes doesn’t work which is frustrating!

Grade as you go. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 21 December There are many classes I want to itnesu in college but don’t want to pay for them.