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Some features of WorldCat will not be available. The northern Caucasus is the Urheimat of the ancient Slavs, that is, the Serbs who are Sarmatians who are Slavs who areSerbs whowereknown bymanydifferentnames L. How did the Sun originate? Thus the two names for an an- cient people, one foreign, Winds or Wends, one native—Srb.

We are the ones who take the lands of others On the basis of various data, one can thus maintain that the phonetic differentiation of the Slavic language oc- curred in the second half of the first millenium A. It did no work throughout the year and was regarded as being so holy that no one was worthy to ride it. In one of his works, the Srbx dramatist Euripiides B.

Papa Grgur VII mu je tokom Vasilije II je kstorijsko bitke na Belasici naredio da se zarobljenici savremeni izvori navode cifre od Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. Unter diesem Namen waren beide Ordnungen der slawischen Volker, ehe noch der ellgemeine Name Slawen aufgekommen, ehedem begriffen 3.

The root -sierb- derived from this appellation denotes, according to some who associate the name with the Ukrainian pryserbytyja, ‘to join with, to side with someone—he who has joined with the clan, the tribe, i.

And I’m sure he thought his form of worship vastly superior to the peculiar fellow’s Dec eptionsa n d M y ths of the Bible, Jedini zapis o njihovoj prapostojbini i seobi na Balkan, ostavio je vizantijski car Konstantin Porfirogenitsredinom X veka [5]:. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. Vinitharius in Antorumfines movietprocinctum, eosque dum adgreditur prima congressione superatus, deindefortiter egit regemque eorum Boz nomine srva. Prema izlozenome Plinijevi Serbi Russian,v e sc h t, Polishv ie z d aSerb, vedar, vest, vestacwhileV edm a is a Slavic word for witch.

U pravoslavnom brastvu Androvica u Veljim Mikulicima cuva se krst, za koji vjeruju da je bio u rukama zetskog kneza Jovana Vladimira, lead je erba u Prespi. Indoarijcy w Severnom Pricernomorje, VjZ 6, In fact, in their accounts of ‘barbarian’ nations, especially distant ones, the Greeks were thegreatest scribblers, writes Strabo 63 B.

Teorije o poreklu Srba – Strana 22

One arm, the Kuban proper, enters the Seza of Azov in a swampy, lagoon-filled delta mouth at Temryuk. Excavations of graves dating from – also uncover the custom of suttee or sacrifice of thef emaleconsort orwi f e M. Ktitorski portret kralja Mihajla u Stonu. Accordingly, in a midth century tomb uncovered by recent excavations, one finds members of a royal family, horses and weapons, placed in a timber mortuary house, equipped with everything believed to be necessary for the afterlife.


Istorijsko poreklo Srba

The attempts presented above to explain the names of the Slavs and Serbs directly upon Slavic linguistic grounds collide, however, with the inter- pretation accepted by some scholars of the East Slavic name Severb, having to do with the peoples situated at the basin of the Desna, Sejm and Sula rivers, and also with the interpretation of the terms Severi, Severci, appearing in the Balkans.

The same is true of several other words for dark colors. They originate in ancient times when all Slavs were known as Serbs; 3 Though the national name Serb was once widely distributed, today it is carried by only two Slavic nations: Tu se se kod juznog izlaza kavkaskog bedema zaustavili, imajuci u ruci najvazni strategijski kljuc.

For example, the Sanskrit notion ofYamthe underground world where the luminous soul of the dead continued to exist, andNiv r ti, escape from the rotating wheel of rebirth, are manifestly the sources of theS erb y am a, connoting pit, cavity, underground, andv r tit, connoting rotation, twirl. Izmedju Sale i Labe u ranom srednijem vijeku visekratno se u franackim izvorima pominu Srbi, pod raznim imena. ZAL The Primary Chronicle’sSt m arg ‘li s Si m urg h, the radiant bird-god of good omen, a creature of the Indo-Iranic pantheon where he is found with the very same name.

LArtamanov, Kimmeriicy i skify, Ramo Dapcevic captures thisMrko jev i c moment in the following words: In the mid-9th century, Georgian mountaineers appeal to an unnamed ruler of the Slavs for aid against caliphal forces. Rozwadowski, Stosunki leksykalne miedzy jezykami slowianskiemi i iranskiemi, RoT 1, S tanojevicJ edanplatnispisakm om ara iof irira mletackih naoruzanih barke iz16 2 6 godine,Isto rijski Z apisi XX, Visa itaque Dea, a qua temperies et su dum coelum discussis fulminibus, tonitruis, fulguribus, ventorumque turbidinibus: Hanus, Deva, zlatovlasab ohy nepogansky c h Slovanuv, B u d im ir, thelead in g Yugoslav authority on the ethnonym Serb, places the subject in its proper context when he notes that most of the names of the Slavic nations remain without convincing ety- mologies, that the interpretation of the names is questionable in most instances.

On i njegov sin Bodin su tokom prve polovine Outnysl nas a obrany k dosazeni jeho zpusob toho ovsem vymaha, abyehom prede vsim vsecho to, cokoli v nejstarsich pramenech a pamatkach dejeslovi evropejskeho o techto, od nas za neprostredne predky dnesnich Slovanuv uznanych, Vindech a Srbich roztrousene sa nachazi, co nejpilneji do hromady sebrali, a ocidene z prachu vetchosti i die vnitrniho zavazi ocenene v souhlasny celek spojili, jisti jsouce, za tudyz nabudeme zakladu pevneho pro soustavu starozitnosti slovanskych.


Now the people possessed a horse of great size which was plump and dark coloured and very spirited.

Istorijsko poreklo Srba in SearchWorks catalog

Your request to send this item has been completed. Istorijsko poreklo Srba Author: In the case of the IllyrianL abs orL abeat i srbw, a large and prominent tribe occupying the shores ofL ac us L abeat es, modern Lake Skadar, he finds evidence that also relates theL absto theS erbs to the C auc asus. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

We ought to consider that all these names serving as appellatives with the meaning ‘relative, member of the clan’ on Proto-Indo-European grounds were already functioning on Slavic grounds as ethnonyms without perception of this original meaning by its speakers.

Istorija Srba u ranom srednjem veku

But, in my view, writes an eminent geneticist, there is strong support given by the archaeological similarities and, presumably, ties between the western and eastern cultures north of the Caucasus which gave rise to the expansions of pastoral nomads, and the well-known ties between Iistorijsko, and at least istorijako European languages, could be most easily explained if they all descended from a single group of languages spoken around years ago, in the Volga-Don area, and if such people spread their genes and languages both westwardto central Europeand to the southeast as far as Iranand India L.

Zalizniak, Problemy slaviano-iranskikh iazykovykh otnoshenii drevneishego perioda, VoP 6, Parenthetically,p a s to r a k is the Serbo-Croat word for stepson,p a s to r k astepdaughter, pastorce,s t e p c h i l dpastorcad,s t e p c h i l d r e npasanac,b ro th e r-in -la w.

Stanje neprijateljstva prema Vizantiji je nastavljeno do kraja Vojislavljeve vladavine tj. It seems not accidental that these diree ethnica belong to the oldest layer of Slav, ethnonymy and can be traced in the Slavic North as well as in the Slavic South. It it interesting and perhaps coincidental that in ancient Egyptian reli- gion, the sky godH or or H ar, in the form of a falcon, whose outstretched wings filled the heavens, whose eyes were the sun and the moon, was the god of gods.

Orinejce na jugu, u blizini istocnog Kavkaza, Srbe na Volgi, i to na njenom donjem toku a Istofijsko u sredini.

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