ISO 7784-2 PDF

ISO 7784-2 PDF

Partie 2: Méthode utilisant des roues abrasives en caoutchouc et une éprouvette rotative. STANDARD. ISO. Second edition. ISO – Paints and varnishes — Determination of resistance to abrasion — Part 2: Method with abrasive rubber wheels and rotating test specimen. ISO Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to abrasion – Part 2: Method with abrasive rubber wheels and rotating test specimen.

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7784–2 guide covers the determination of the abrasion resistance of textile fabrics using the rotary platform, double head tester RPDH. Merck generates record sales and continues to grow profitability in 16th March Read more.

Methods of test for paints and related materials – Measurement of specular gloss of non-metallic paint films at 20 degrees, 60 degrees and 85 degrees You may be interested in this related standard Methods of test for paints and related materials – Consistency – Rotational viscometer You may be interested in this related standard. Welcome back to membership Imerys Minerals! It is intended as a means of characterizing coatings used on surgical implants.

Henkel to acquire Sonderhoff Group 22nd May Read more.

Taber Test Methods: Taber Abraser (Abrader) – Taber Industries

Basic Format Specifications The entrance surface of the disc should have sufficient scratch resistance, which may be improved by a protective coating. This 77784-2 covers the requirements for single use saline inflatable, smooth and textured silicone shell implantable breast prostheses, intended for use in surgical reconstruction, augmentation, or replacement of the breast. In the cupping test, deformation of the panel can be taken to the point 77844-2 the metal fractures. Substrate must be metal.


This specification establishes the engineering requirements for producing a hard anodic coating on aluminum and aluminum alloys and the properties of such coating.

Other methods in this series deal with the assessment of blistering, chalking, cracking and flaking.

МКС EN ISO 7784-2:2016

This assessment is normally carried out using test panels that have been subject to some form of corrosion testing and the panel size and number will have been selected for that 7748-2.

This method gives a measure of the time that elapses between the application of a coating and that moment when the surface first becomes sufficiently dry that material no longer adheres to it.

This coating provides excellent abrasion resistance for sliding wear applications, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation. Sample Requirements Detached paint flakes should be at least as large as your thumb nail and should include all layers from the one adjacent to the substrate up to the top coat. Evonik opens coatings laboratory in Turkey 8th March Read more. The 77842 is used on coated wood, foiled and iwo substrates in applications where high surface resistance is required.

This document details the NMP best practice for the acceptance and verification of coatings and paint finishes applied to Nokia plastics for the Menu system. ISO Road Vehicles-Tests for rigid plastic safety glazing materials Determination of whether the 7784–2, safety glazing material has a certain minimum resistance to abrasion at ambient temperature under dry or wet car wash conditions.

This Japanese Iao Standard specifies the testing methods for determination of wool fiber integrity using an abrasion machine.

This European Standard specifies the functional requirements and test methods for wash basins for domestic purposes. The substrate may be any sheet metal up to 0.

You can now buy a copy of the full proceedings and papers from the European Coatings Website!


This method covers the determination of the abrasion resistance of nonwoven fabrics using the rotary platform, double-head tester RPHD. The test shall be used to give an indication of the comparative wear characteristics of painted, printed or hot embossed finishes, to plastic substrates.

This specification covers multicontact heavy duty, quick disconnect, waterproof, electrical plug and receptacle connectors and associated accessories for electronic and electrical power and control circuits. This European Standard specifies requirements for surfaces for indoor facilities for multi-sports use.

BS EN ISO 7784-2:2016

This specification covers the engineering requirements for the deposition of a thin, hard dense chromium coating on surfaces of ferrous and non ferrous alloys and the properties of the coating. This document covers insulated, flexible air duct assemblies for portable ground support air conditioners and heaters.

BS E17, ISO 1 Scope and Field Application BS E17 and ISO are alternative names for the same method which is used to assess the resistance of a dry film of paint, varnish or related product to marring by a looped or a ring-shaped stylus. This document provides recommendations for test methods to be used in evaluating and characterizing coated and laminated fabrics for use in military applications.

This guide covers the selection and use of procedures for testing traffic paints in the laboratory and in the field. For purposes of this specification, foils as referred to in this specification is defined as material 0.

This European Standard describes the Frick-Taber method for determining the wear resistance of the wear layer of polyvinyl chloride floor coverings under laboratory conditions.