THE present edition is a faithful reprinting of Isis Unveiled as originally published in by HPB on the writing of Isis Unveiled: “Theories about Reincarnation and. Isis Unveiled has ratings and 36 reviews. The said: Blavatsky dear occultist, was a genius and the fact that she wrote so brilliantly in Engl. Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. With the help of this book you will be able to make sense of how so.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the attitude Lady Blavatsky uses to make her points across. Western Esoteric Masters Seriesed. Such have failed to achieve the good they might have done and sought to do, because unveilev has made them thrust their personality into such undue prominence as to interpose it between their believers and the whole truth that lay behind.

I ungeiled short of breath; I am afraid to make the slightest movement, for fear the spell might be broken. Madwme Christians know about these b Read these books when I was a fresh young adult.

This is her first book. All before the Internet. And although religion, philosophy and science became in time polluted with purely human speculations and fancies, “Isis” shows that this does not alter the fact that they all started originally as clear and unadulterated streams from the mother-source.

Hence the unmerited contempt into which the study of the noblest of sciences — that of the spiritual man — has gradually fallen. Thanks to his efforts and the ongoing efforts of the Blavatsky Trust after his passing to show the legitimate, authentic, and trustworthy nature of the original teachings of Theosophy and the writings of H.

Her task was not that of a teacher in a kindergarten: This is one of my favorite books, but beware, if you can’t stand textbook type reads you may find it hard to get through. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Moreover, there is no ‘discrepancy’ but only incompleteness — hence, misconceptions arising from later teachings. Unlike other sciences, a theoretical knowledge of formulae without mental capacities or soul powers, is utterly useless in magic. Nov 25, Sweetlove Greene rated it really liked it.

Marble or other friends, and, latterly, she borrowed a few from Mr. However that aside the book gives you brief but comprehensive 10 page histories and comments on the roots of religion,occult philosophy,science and mysticism and other such subjects.


When I wrote IsisI wrote it so easily that it was actually no labour, but a real pleasure. Jan 25, Sally rated it liked it Shelves: Another would now and then sit there, scrawling something with a pencil and reeling off for me dozens of poetical stanzas which embodied, now sublime, now humorous, ideas.

However, rather than dwelling on the plagiarism, scholars such as Bruce Campbell argue: Journal of the American Academy of Religion. Paul Johnson also notes that many of the more mythical elements of Blavatsky’s works, like her later Mastersrather than being outright inventions, were reformulations of preexisting esoteric ideas and the casting of a large group of individuals—who helped, encouraged, or collaborated with her—under a mythological context; all driven by Blavatsky’s search for spiritual truth.

Views Read Edit View history. Things the most widely separated as to time have thus been brought into immediate juxtaposition, for only thus could the priority and parentage of discoveries and dogmas be determined. He was a great Platonist; and I was told that, so absorbed was he in his life-study that he had become earth-bound, i.

We would that all who have a voice in the education of the masses should first know and then teach that the safest guides to human happiness and enlightenment are those writings which have descended to us from the remotest antiquity; and that nobler spiritual aspirations and a higher average morality prevail in the countries where the people have taken their precepts as the rule of their lives.

Isis Unveiled

Daniel Maxame rated it it was amazing May 03, In another letter … whether you believe me or not, something miraculous is happening to me. What was originally a teaching depending on knowledge and inspiration degenerated in time into mere dogmas and speculations; what was originally a Teacher of primeval truths became in time an object of veneration and worship as a god or a divine incarnation.

It is impossible for me to verify most of the claims she makes but I was definitely impressed by her expert account of the Biblical passages relating to the Gehenna fire, at a time when it was not popular to deny the existence of a literal hell fire.

The door had made unveield noise in opening, if it had opened, but at any rate there he was.


Volume I, The ‘Infallibility’ of Modern Sciencediscusses occult science and the hidden and unknown forces of nature, exploring such subjects as forces, elementalspsychic phenomenaand the Inner and Outer Man. She states them in numbered order as follows:. There being but O NE Bpavatsky, man requires but one church — the Temple of God within us, walled in by matter but penetrable by any one who can find the way; the pure in heart see God.

Their Shamans, they think, occasionally enjoy the divine powers originally possessed jnveiled all human beings. Had to reach for the dictionary more than a few times with this as the target audience was probably Victorian intellectuals. Apr 22, Nate rated it really liked it. Spiritualism, or mediumship, is shown to have been prevalent in all ages, no matter under what names known, and its recurrence, whether in individual cases or amongst masses of men, is shown to be subject to cyclic law, now more generally known to Theosophical students under its Sanskrit designation of Karma.

Isis Unveiled by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Let us hope it is not too late to resuscitate it and by this means to rejuvenate the Movement, setting it going again along the lines so clearly indicated in its beginnings. Olcott, isiz collaborator in founding the Society, and in some of H. The quotation finished, her eyes would resume their natural expression, and she would go on writing until again stopped by a similar interruption… [Old Diary Leaves, 1, ].

A mighty rare set, and even in this condition, To the mainline Church she was considered part scam artist, plagiarist. The words existed — mummied forms from the by-gone Past, wrapped in the thousand cerements and grave-cloths of the sects. Madame Blavatsky and the Transformation of the Occult Tradition.

Because somebody who knows all dictates to me…. However, they were a gift. Focuses on the scientific theories of the time, balanced against the ‘anciently universal Wisdom Religion’.

Amdame gives perspective on the universe and humanity.

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