The Irresistible Revolution is a book by Shane Claiborne published in This work, subtitled “Living as an Ordinary Radical”, describes and advocates what. Shane Claiborne, the author of The Irresistible Revolution, is a man of great moral clarity and bravery. He not only espouses and evangelizes. Love him or hate him, it is tough to accuse Shane Claiborne of being an armchair quarterback. He is not a man who seeks to convince people.

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They see in his life a way of living out Scriptural principles; they are swept away by it. I’m sure it was not the author’s intent, but at times he comes across as a bit self-righteous. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That would involve committment, a vow of poverty, obedience to a superior, and a lot less attention. He started to talk about washing machines ran by bicycles and about how people who try to make money are misguided.

Political scenarios and protests for human rights fill each page, covering relevant topics such as war in Iraq, poverty, mixing politics with religion, social injustice, terrorism and consumerism. If Donald Miller wasn’t enough for you, then try a dose of Shane.

It is not the primary message of Scripture. However, the book is marred by its youth-pastor-esque voice of excitement and by Zondervan’s over-marketing just look at the fake duct tape on the cover. I could quibble about specifics endlessly. Living as an Ordinary Radical by Shane Claiborne.

The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical

He doesn’t come out and say it, but I’m left with the feeling that he judges the rest of us just a little too harshly. It does also strike me that to have a higher education in the USA, move from one denomination to another, work for various Church caiborne and give up all your possessions you have to relatively well-heeled, Xlaiborne suppose very well to do by global standards in the first place.

Claiborne is a pacifist, teaching in several places that there are is no such thing as just war or redemptive violence. What about working moms? Would you follow him for the life, joy, and fulfillment he gives you right now?

Unfortunately, his book screws it all up. The message of the book I have no real complaint with. Combined with his belief that the church is not made of bricks but rather the people and environments around him, he sought to, not live a cloistered life, live among the people to hear their stories, feed them, house them, heal them, and teach them to do the same with other human beings and the environment.


Shane has done a lot of cool things with his life and no one can deny that he’s doing a wonderful job of living radically. Thanks vlaiborne telling cliaborne about the problem.

The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical by Shane Claiborne

Sometimes it is touching, sometimes thought provoking, and other times it is funny. It is not a gospel that saves souls as much as it is a gospel that brings wealth to the poor and sustains the health of the planet.

Paperbackirrresistible. It is the simple everyday story of a spiritual quest. Shane speaks over one hundred times a year, nationally and internationally. Now God dwelled not behind the veil in the temple but in the eyes of the dying and the poor, in the ordinary and mundane, in things like bread and wine, or chai and samosas.

The Irresistible Revolution – Wikipedia

Shane isn’t the final word on anything, and I didn’t think he was trying to be. And now grace fuels his passion to end the death penalty. Feb 25, Joel Bradshaw rated it really liked it. A skilled writer and storyteller, Claiborne uses the book to teach some foundational ways of living life and understanding the Bible. Do you have a desire to follow the calling of God? You can bitch all you want about how he’s idealistic and crazy and hates authority, but I don’t think there is any question that he and his This book is not well-written, it smacks of idealism and self-righteousness from time to time, and it’s not realistic to think everyone that reads it is going to become an “ordinary radical” or “new monastic.

Claiborne doesn’t have to believe what I believe. It’s more about his political beliefs about police, America, Americans, the middle class, upper class, the war on terror, the war in Iraq, voting, and probably a lot of other things that i cant remember. Shane calls particularly this generation into “small things with great love” and lives a profound example of that. To ask other readers questions about The Irresistible Revolutionplease sign up.


Claiborne refuses to take the easy route of cynicism and uninvolvement. I think all Christians would benefit from reading this. Perhaps more on those issues would have helped this book – in essence, more authenticity without all the self-promoting hype. Most of the book is devoted to Claiborne’s call for economic reform and community life.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He seems to think to be a true Christian you must give up any sort of business, live among the poor and blah blah blah.

Much of his critique against the North American church is accurate and even necessary. However, all that said, he does make some very solid observations about our culture, and the churches impact or lack of impact on it, and he is doing something to make a difference, and living his faith with dedication and passion.

But if you want to start a revolution, you don’t start it by demeaning everyone who reads the book. The accounts of the time Claiborne spent Shane Claiborne has a lot of interesting stories and valuable insights. Hence he will encourage homeless people to take over a building that is not theirs and stand with them against the authorities when they seek to remove them.

Claiborne writes with humor, kindness, and humility. It added to what I’ve already been learning this year, so I was irdesistible excited by the things he was saying.

Living as an Ordinary RadicalMany of us cpaiborne ourselves caught somewhere between unbelieving activists and inactive believers. Kindle Deals for Christians. The youth pastor at my church fell into the second category. He makes the radical suggestion that we follow Christ’s teachings, fully revoultion completely, regardless of how they may clash with capitalism, politics, religion, and life and relationships as we know it.

View all 10 comments. May 30, Elliot Ratzman rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The book makes you think.