Buy Irrationality by Stuart Sutherland (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Irrational beliefs and behaviours are virtually universal. In this iconoclastic book Stuart Sutherland analyses causes of irrationality and examines why we are. Stuart Sutherland’s hilarious dissection of everyday reasoning, Irrationality, should be in bedside cabinets the world over, says Nicholas Lezard.

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He revisits Stanley Milgram’s disturbing tests on obedience conducted at Yale, and goes on to draw some further useful conclusions about how human behaviour is affected by the presence of others, using the notorious example of the murder of Kitty Genovese in New York 38 people saw her killed; not one called the police – they all thought someone else would. The enemy within, a lay reader’s guide to the psychology of cognitive biases and common failures of human judgement. Some of the best decisions I’ve ever made would have seemed irrational at the time they were taken – unintended consequences abound.

I’m soooooo bored with this. The boo This book was a extensive list of the ways in which humans are irrational.

Go Premium and get the best of Blinkist Upgrade to Premium now and get unlimited access to the Blinkist library. The writing irationality is a little bland and technical in nature. Sep 25, Steve rated it really liked it Shelves: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Related, large rewards, strong motivation, but also stress, foster inflexibility when attempting to solve a problem.


And statistics, though essential for, for example, diagnosis, is a bitch. Hence the ‘sunk cost error’. Sign up for Blinkist. I have to admit to being a psychologist by education, so the vast majority but not all of the content of Irrationality was not new to me, but Sutherland did a good job of presenting the most significant phenomena in one lucid, concise and well written volume accessible to non-specialists but substantiated by descriptions of actual experiments and not just their conclusions and well referenced too.


Tests show that rewards devalue any activity considered worth doing in its own right. A very surprising consequence is that we seek confirmation of our own opinions of ourselves, even when they are derogatory.

And yet there is plentiful and growing evidence of irrationality in human thinking and behaviour. Academic attempts to hit the “trade” market have made for the creation of a capacious graveyard down the years. And it’s useful to know when it doesn’t really matter and you can just please your inner reptile, and when you really do need to sit down and analyse things properly.

The book was engaging, interesting, and at points humorous. Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors.

It’s not a book delivered in a modern street-smart colloquial but in a highly literate, cultured voice: The moral of it – careful when making jokes: Not that it is actually grim or depressing.

Stuart Sutherland Reviewed by Magda Healey 4. This book lacks such structure. When a particular belief is involved, we tend to go to extreme lengths to look for supporting evidence while refusing to believe contrary evidence. Also, there’s much to be said in criticism of “evidence-based” thinking e.

Jan 11, Rob rated it liked it. Nevertheless very readable and informative.

The purpose is for the reader to appreciate poor fallible human nature, and maybe avoid a few of the frailties that plague human cognition. I can’t say I was shocked. Thus, reading Irrationality reinforced my paradoxical, and probably irrational itself, impression that human sutherlanc are truly a wonderful piece of work, noble in reason if rather less frequently than it seems.


Irrationality by Stuart Sutherland – book review

Will the aeroplane get off the ground, and if it does will it stay up? Retrieved from ” http: Highly recommended for all. As a consequence, organizations, particularly public ones, tend to make irrational decisions. The instances of irrational behavior introduced in the boo This book shows a number of psychological biases during human assessment of reality which, the author claims, moves us away from taken optimal decisions.

The most readable and well-written popular-level book about the irrationality of humans that I have discovered. Of course, this is now more than twenty years old the first edition dates fromand probably He basically says that only by understanding statistics and by essentially falling back on some means of scoring the alternatives and then picking the one with the best score can we really make rational decisions.

Log in Log in. Just a little harder to get ahold of. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it just fell short of what it was trying to do. A very good book examining the irrational decisions people make. In some ways the book makes our achievements all the greater. The activity in question will be valued less after the rewards no longer are handed out.

I sometimes look around at a skyscraper, or read about a decision to go to war or spend billions of dollars on a useless aeroplaneand this book comes to mind.

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