Ireke Onibudo by bluerange(f): am On Mar 05, Get the 5 classics by a all written in Yoruba. Call By the end of this year’s edition of the Chams Theatre series, which is featuring D.O. Fagunwa’s, Ireke Onibudo, theatre goers in. Ireke Onibudo, at the National Arts Theatre appraises the production against the background of the development of the stage performing art in.

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It would be stretching the parallels a bit to suggest that the monster has finally been slain and that theatre has finally come into its own as a result. The answer is not farfetched; we value ourselves at a distance. By will power, moral restraint and sheer good fortune, he triumphs irrke adversity to become a celebrated warlord and noble man.

I did, and it was mind blowing. He elicits the envy of the titularhead of the community. With an animal cast to embellish the narrative, the stage is set for spectacles of engaging folk theatre.

Literature Of The Month | Ireke Onibudo

Oyewo, are among the best that could be found anywhere in the world, really had a great impact on the performances. Oshinaike exhibits great presence of mind throughout and is the live-wire of this engaging theatrical package. Both plays will also be staged in Abuja and Akure before the series ends on November The effects brought life to the performance. The company is onibuco the number of shows from seven, which it had last year, to eleven this year in response to popular demand.

It is also a means of promoting our culture and re-orientating Nigerians to the values that we hold dear.


Fagunwa’s Ireke Onibudo now on video

Marriage without irfke The patriarchal ideology of ifomofoko i. Email Address never made public. Fagunwa, was a Nigerian author who pioneered the Yoruba language novel. The hero performs all the tasks successfully through the help of his mother.

Enter the code in the box below: A chief of the Yoruba, Fagunwa studied at St. The cast of both adaptations were made from seasoned theatre professionals who proved their mettle by rendering a near-perfect performance. Fill in your details below or click ireeke icon to log in: It is thoughtful that it sees Corporate Social Responsibility initiative as also a means of promoting our culture and re-orientating Nigerians to the values that we hold dear.

Still, The Fabulous Adventures of a Sugarcane Man mirrors at large the curious trajectory of Nigerian theatre in the last four decades: Long Journey of Discovery and Sharing. Only then did I know that even I had undermined the power of drama as a universal language.

Town met gown in Ibadan as thecivil society joined the academia towatch presentation of the play. Fill in onibuxo details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Already, those who have watched the play in Lagos and Ibadan can testify to the brilliance of the playwrights, who adapted the book Professor Femi Osofisan, for the English adaptation and Professor Akinwumi Isola, for the Yoruba adaptation as well as the Artistic Directors Dr.

To paraphrase Osofisan, Chams employs over a hundred theatre artistes for about three months every year and offers free, to live audiences, a vivid experience of theatre that the people yearn for but which is so hard to come by these days. He has to battle a wild cat in order to save his life.


Amidst the oddity, one corporate organisation has identified with the vision of rebranding Nigeria in the real sense by choosing not lreke to encourage the impoverished stage onibueo by engaging them for half a year but also enlivening the theatre tradition as a new leisure for children of school age. He was a teacherand writer. Have you paused to ask why some of our brothers abroad prefer to speak with us in our native tongue rather than in English? You are commenting using your WordPress.

It gladdens my heart to know that Chams is sponsoring this unique experience as a strategic intervention and contribution to the rejuvenation of the Arts and stage culture in Nigeria.

Literature Of The Month | Ireke Onibudo – Unravelling Nigeria

This site uses cookies. The book is written is such a way that our unintentional hero goes through various situations and while you enjoy his stories, there are onibydo lessons about our journey through life, some of which we still struggle with today.

Nneka, half Nigerian-half German, used to think she was white skin until she left the shores of Nigeria.

While Isola and Kola Oyewo who directed his adaptation were at the premieres, only Tunde Awosanmi, director of the English version was present.

His story runs alongside a fable told by his dead mother. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Rendering in theoriginal language enriches the texture, depth of mean-ing and eloquence. Ireke Onibudo By D.

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