Titel: Investitionszulagengesetz (InvZulG ) vom Februar sowie Dezember (Artikel 1 Investitionszulagengesetz — InvZulG ). Dezember (Artikel 1 Investitionszulagengesetz — InvZulG ) B) Investitionszulagengesetz (InvZulG ) vom 7. Dezember C) the results for fiscal year are proof of this. itelligence enjoyed a record- breaking year. our figures (InvZulG – German Investment Subsidy Act) and.

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Specific considerations relating to parafiscal charges. Financial service activities; except insurance and pension funding. Crisis aid under the Temporary Framework. Article 2 and 3 TFEU: Basic rules applicable to both SMEs and large enterprises. Effect on trade between Member States. Potential State aid in emission trading systems. The material scope of application. Aid for broadband infrastructures. State aid in favour of energy consumers.

Approval of State aid in connection with privatisations. Request for information to the Member State concerned. Invzug procedure and interim relief. History of the provision. Content of the opening decision. Interest rates and fees for guarantees. 200


NÜTZlich Ausgabe 2/2011

General principles of Maritime Transport Guidelines. Effects of asymmetrical burdens. Accounting unbundling Article 5 9. Aid to the borrower. Clarification by the CELF case law. Compatibility with the internal market exemption. Article 1 TFEU: Right to submit comments.

Expand all Collapse all. Relativity of the concept. Aid for debt cancellation chapter 4 of the Railway Guidelines. Aid for scouting costs.

Imvzulg of aid lit. Help Print this page. Inland waterway transport and State aid rules. Decisions of the Commission to close the formal investigation procedure.

Serious doubts invzukg regard to compliance with a decision. The authentic text s of the decision, from which all confidential information has been removed, can be found at:. Exemption for cumulation under Article 8 6.

Overview of the procedures available in State aid cases. Implementation in secondary legislation. Legal Status of annual reports.

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Changes due to the Treaty of Lisbon. Intermodal transport and State aid rules. Marketing and processing 20110 agricultural products. State aid rules for risk finance. Requirements for the existence of a distortion of competition. Request for information made to the notifying Member State. Payments to an entity engaged in economic and non-economic activities. Duty of national courts to protect concerned parties.


Public real estate transactions.

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Entry into force, implementation, transparency and verification. The notion of steel in State aid cases. Principles of procedure burden of proof and intensity of examination. Assessing the selective character of tax provisions.

Aid granted through State resources. Presence of an advantage. Invzzulg to make good the damage caused by natural disasters or exceptional occurrences. Interim relief in appeal procedures.