Akush Ginekol (Sofiia). ;46(9) [Puerperal uterine involution according to the method of delivery]. [Article in Bulgarian]. Dimitrov A, Nikolov A, Nashar S. Looking for online definition of uterine involution in the Medical Dictionary? uterine involution explanation free. What is uterine involution? Meaning of uterine . Women may experience cramping pain and discomfort following the birth of their baby as the uterus contracts and returns to its pre-pregnancy.

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Sangestani Gita and Bashirian Saeed. Abstract Absence of the normal involution of uterus after delivery is considered as uterine subinvolution that can be resulted in complications such as metritis or retention of placenta.

This is a descriptive study in order to: Find out the normal pattern of uterine involution in primiparous women and find out the prevalence and the reasons of uterine subinvolution. The sampling method of present study was preformed in two stages, the first stage was judgement sampling and the second one was convenient sampling.

Forty women in stage 1 and women in stage 2 were surveyed. We used a centimeter ribbon and a check list in stage utrjne and only an another check list for stage 2 to reach the goals of study.

[Puerperal uterine involution according to the method of delivery].

Present utfine showed that the maximum of S-FD immediately after delivery was 22 cm and the minimum of it was 13 cm so its average was In the studied population, the first day that S-FD became zero, it was 11 days after delivery and the average daily decrease of S-FD was 0.

In the second stage of our study the results showed that in Among the above mentioned reasons the metritis was the most common cause According to the above findings the prevention of uterus infection and hygiene are the most efficient ways to avoid uterus subinvolution and its complications. Also we suggested the use of S-FD as a screening instrument to determine subinvolution of uterus.

So we can soon involutiion the patients who need suitable treatment. The recurrence of the uterus after delivery in the condition of pre- pregnancy is called Involution of uterus Cunningham et al. In England postnatal care by the midwife is continued for a minimum ytrine ten days and iinvolution some maternity units the midwives observe the lochia, palpate the uterine fundus and control S-fD.

In measuring S-fD midwives are attempting to distinguish a group of women where daily decrease In S-fD is reduced or absent Cluette et al.

In another study it is recommended to undergo uterine sonographic scanning and manual palpation to evaluate involution and presence of blood in the uterine cavity within 3 days after delivery patients particularly those with cesarean section Shalev et al. It is necessary to mention there is a positive correlation between parity and uterine diameters and uterine volume although there is no significant correlation between parity and uterine volume on the above mentioned fact, we consider only primiparous women in our study.


The absence of normal involution is called subinvolution of uterus which can be caused by metritis or retention of placenta. Since Hemorrhage during the turine period is a life -threatening involutjon for the mother Macmullen et al. Incidence of retained placenta has been 0. The maternal mortality was 5. And about metritis Usmani and others it was showed that in buffaloes the ytrine of the cervix and uterus was slower in the infected group than in the normal group Now as the postpartum assessment of uterine involution is considered ijvolution and the pattern of postnatal care varies greatly from one to another country Cluette uutrine al.

In the second step we plan to involutioh the incidence of subinvolution and its causes have been considered. This is a descriptive study performed within 10 months and two stages in Fatemieh hospital, Hamedan, Iran.

In the first step just l year old healthy parturients were chosen to measure S-FD immediately after delivery and determine daily S-FD decrease and normal maximum time for completing uterine involution to pelivic cavity. The participating parturients criteria:.

A centimeter band and an information-record paper were used for each unit involutlon determine the pattern of normal uterus involution. In the second stage parturient were considered. Sixteen cases were deleted and finally case were analysed. In this stage women were examined after passing the maximum normal necessary time for completing involution of uterus using S-FD to determine incidence of subinvolution and its etiology.

Also results showed that lnvolution day utine delivery is the first day that S-FD become zero and the maximum rate of S-FD in this day in 9cm Fig. Table 1 shows that in The average of S-FD on this day is 0. Results indicated that on 20th day after delivery complete involution of uterus into pelvic has happened in all cases. So we can conclude that the involution of uterus occurs within 11thth days after delivery and 20th day is the maximum normal time for it. Findings also showed that the average of S-DF daily decrease is 0.

In the most percentage of cases The propounded etiologies for uttine of uterus is shown in Fig. Metritis is the most common factor The other factors are retained placenta 4. Although no relationship has been found in the method of baby feeding and the day on which the uterus ceased to be palpable Cluette et al.


All of our studied units had itrine feeding baby. Metritis, Retention of placenta and Surgery on uterus were found as the reasons.

Cluette and others mentioned uterine infection as the most important factor too Cluette et al. Usmani and others Usmani et al.

In the other studies it is shown that E.

Obstetrics and Gynecology International

As a brief conclusion it should be said S-FD will be zero after 11 till 20 days after delivery and its daily decrease is 0. And the last but not the least: Sufficient attention in the third stage of labour, prevention of infection and hygiene are the best ways to prevent uterine subinvolution and its subsequences.

Symphysis-fundal height growth chart of an obstetric cohort of mozambican women with ultrasound- dated singleton pregnancies. The impact involuution adjustment for parity and mid-upper-arm circumference to predict SGA fetuses in Mozambique.

Retained placenta continues to be fatal but frequency can be reduced. Is measuring postnatal symphisis-fundal distance worth while? What is the normal pattern of uterin involution?

Initial management of primary utrime hemorrhage. Influence of various treatment on bacteriological findings in cows with puerperal endometritis. Sonographic evaluation of the puerperal uterus: Effect of subclinical uterine infection on cervical and uterine involution, estrous activity and fertility in post partum buffaloes.

Involution (medicine) – Wikipedia

Journal of Medical Sciences Volume 6 6: How to cite this article: Sangestani Involutoin and Bashirian Saeed Journal of Medical Sciences, 6: The participating parturients criteria: At the first stage 40 parturient were selected by targets-based sampling.

These women were nuliparous and had following criteria: Finally the obtained data was evaluated by statistical analysis.

Distribution of absolute and relatively abundance in studied units according to the involution rate on the 14th day after delivery. Distribution of relatively abundance in studied units according to a distance between fondus and symphysis pubis immediately after delivery. Distribution of relatively abundance in studied units according to the involution rate on the 11th day after delivery. Distribution of relatively abundance of S-FD rate after the maximum necessary time to complete the involution of uterus into the pelvis in the studied units.

Distribution of relatively abundance of studied units according to the causes of subinvolution of uterus into the pelvis after maximum necessary time.