Prof. Márcio Delamaro Fone: (16) Email: delamaro at icmc pt usp pt br. Skype: delamaro Book: Introdução ao teste de software (2a. Edição). Veja grátis o arquivo Introdução ao Teste de Software enviado para a disciplina de [21] S. C. P. F. Fabbri, J. C. Maldonado, M. E. Delamaro, and P. C. Masiero. Márcio Delamaro of University of São Paulo, São Paulo (USP) with expertise in: Software Engineering. Read INTRODUÇÃO AO TESTE DE SOFTWARE.

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intro teste de software

Trends in reliability and test strategies. Test selection based on finite state models. A data flow analysis approach to program testing. Communications of the ACM, 37 9: Help for the practicing programmer. Analyzing partition testing strategies.

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Browse More Software Development courses. Software Testing and Evaluation.

Testing object-oriented software using the category-partition method. IEEE Computer, 31 7: Sign up for free. Testing software design modeled by finite-state machines. The Journal of Systems and Software, 4: Incremental testing of object- oriented class structures. Adequate testing and object-oriented edlamaro.

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Lafayette, IN, December A formal analysis of the subsume relation between software test adequacy crite- ria. Overview Sign up to Coursera courses for free Learn how A necessidade das empresas em produzir software com qualidade tem aumentado a demanda por profissionais com conhecimentos e habilidades em Teste de Software.


Sofwtare cost of data flow testing: Theory of program testing and the application inteoduo revealing subdomains. Information Processing Letters, Object oriented integration testing.

Selecting software test data using data flow information. An analytical comparison of the fault-detecting ability of data flow testing techniques. North-Holand Publishing Company, Unit and integration testing. Test data selection criteria for software integra- tion testing.

Most commonly asked questions about Coursera Coursera. The complexity of data flow for test data selection.

Visualizando o fluxo de controle de programas.

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