Thanks to the similarity of IntraWeb components to standard Delphi VCL components, the The core feature of the program is its ability to show a second page. I know than many of you here use Intraweb with NexusDb. My question is not related to NexusDb. What i need is to know how to show to the. Again I found the solution shortly after asking the question here.

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If you open a dataset on this event, it may slow down your form rendering process. Adding Features to the Client. A Dataset of Objects. In the previous listing, notice that the linked URL is activated via JavaScript, not with intraseb direct link. Here is the code for a couple of event handlers:. This issue has been fixed and is a free update.

See the following demos for examples of this technique. Frame and Child Windows in Delphi. Send a private message to dewaldv Shpw more in this world than IntraWeb to make a web-project and re-use Delphi code already developed.

In the IWSession example, I’ve customized the class as follows:. In an application’s code, the session object can be referenced by accessing the Data field of the RWebApplication global variable, used to access the current user’s session.


If you need session data for a specific form, all you have to do is add a field to that form. Second, I’ve added an IWURL component to the third column, but you could add any other component including buttons and edit boxes to the grid. In the example, the grid content is determined at startup in the OnCreate event handler of the main form:.


Coding Features of ModelMaker. From Events to Threads. I was thinking of writing an app in Delphi which would display the sites on the intraweb form, and then I could access the intrawrb application on port 80 to view them. We offer a solution for meal ordering with the same ID media used for registration of attendance.

Building IntraWeb Applications

The system is used for the registration of personal data of employees and applicants. The application enables performed and planned trainings of an employee to be viewed. Wage data The wage data of an employee can be viewed through the intraweb. The lists show the type of deduction additional pension insurance, etc. The Packets and the Cache. Sessions, Users, and Permissions. The reason I ask is that I need remote access to inteaweb web sites running on various ports on my server, but can only connect through port 80 through ibtraweb firewall at work.

Send a private message to ferdna. The state of the training shows the following information: This happens because all actions in IntraWeb intrawdb for extra client-side operations, such as validations, checks, and submits.

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OT: how to show a pdf with Intraweb ? – NexusDB Newsgroups

Let’s start intrawwb the beginning. First, the grid component uses Delphi anchors all set to False to generate code that keeps it centered in the page, even if a user resizes the browser window. Each one of your users will have to enable popup intraewb from your domain at least once, for each browser that they use.

The alternative approach is represented by the use of IntraWeb’s layout managers. That topic isn’t really related, because HTML layouts work also in Application modeā€”but I’ve happened to use these two techniques in a single example.

Late Binding and Polymorphism. Hope it helps Regards Dewald. Don’t use popup windows.

Sign up using Email and Password. When you call the Release method: Over the Web, this means refreshing the page by triggering a refresh in the JavaScript code:. It should not call Releasebut rather should invoke the WebApplication object’s Terminate method, passing the output message, as in WebApplication.

A Dialog Box in a Component. Lists and Container Classes.