The new Intimus 26cc3 is lightweight and has all new advanced features which includes I-Control, silentec and 2X2. With the high quality and high performance . Page 1. Click Here >. For More Info. The new Intimus 26cc3 is lightweight and has all new advanced I-Control, silentec and 2X2. With the high quality and high performance that Intimus provides.

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Strip Cut Paper Shredder.

The feed slot for CDs, plastic cards, or diskettes is designed to take only the maximum amount allowed. Some of the larger cross-cut devices have continuous-duty motors. Cross cut shredders offer more security and some can shred more than just paper.

The key to the success of data shredders lies in the infeed behavior and in the geometry of the cutting shafts. Your guarantee of perfect safety and privacy. CDs, plastic cards and diskettes are shred with the same precision in a separate cutting unit. DLS – Dynamic-Load-Sensor System – Adds to long-term, trouble-free use by giving visual feedback to the user with regard to load capacity; helps user gauge how much paper to shred at one time.

The result of this measurement is communicated to the user by changing colors; like traffic lights, of a light strip intmus the paper feed area. Departmental Cross Cut Shredder. Time-responsive electronics put the shredder into sleep mode after it has been 26c3 for some time, automatically reducing its power usage to zero.


Martin Yale is intumus to provide more productivity and data security. Intimus shredders are warranted for three-years parts and labor with life-time warranty coverage on shredder cutting assemblies except when used in commercial environments.

Child safety lockout, oil indicator, bin open, paper jam, bin full and intimua overheat lights.

DLS Long-term, trouble-free use. Simply touch the i-control center button and the operational status is instantly restored. Intomus 6 Six Shredders. DLS detects the paper volume as it is fed into the cutting unit.

Mono Machines intimus 26CC3 Manuals

It is human nature to push technical equipment beyond its limits. The perfect place for a data shredder is within reach of the workplace. Its brands drive the workplaces worldwide. They are wear-free and can handle paper clips and staples.

Heavy Duty Cross Cut Shredder.

Intimus 26CC3 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder, 276164

In the case of data shredders this results in jamming of the cutting unit and stoppage. 26dc3 to this design, an intimus PRO data shredder never creates a noise disturbance, wherever it may be. It manufactures shredders, folding machines, finishing equipment, paper punches, mailroom equipment, paper trimmers and cutters, document management products and ergonomic computer accessories.


Customize your product the way you want it. Read Reviews Write a Review. English Espanol Francais Deutsch Italiano. With the high quality and high performance that Intimus provides, these units easily outrank the competition.

Intimus 26CC3 Cross Cut Shredder, 10 sheets KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA

Dahle, Clary, Fellowes and Formax are the prominent manufacturers. Intimus PRO data shredders are equipped with the EcoLogic energy management system as a standard feature.

All the models can shred paper, CDs, plastic cards or intimjs, with the exception of High Security models. This eliminates the extravagant power consumption of the stand-by mode.

Intimus 26 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder

Intimus PRO data shredders 26cc33 only rank among the most silent models in their class – courtesy of Silentec – but the sound pattern is also acoustically pleasing. Both factors are vital for high performance and for the required shred size. Intimus PRO data shredders have an array of practical features complementing their versatile options of use.