Traditional Asian table game Carrom – comprehensive instructions for friendly play in the rules even though an international regulatory body and several major Masters Games has based the following rules on those from the UK Carrom. Main article: International Carrom Federation. The ICF promulgates International Rules of Carrom (also. Laws of Carrom. Laws of Carrom Copyright. © International Carrom Federation. Return to top. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme.

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Section 1 of 5. Two additional points shall be awarded, if demanded by the opponent. The Queen shall be taken out for placing by the Umpire.

If a player pockets queen and the striker in one proper strike, then the queen and additional two carrommen are placed in the circle for the player to continue with his turn. Aside from cue sportscarrom also have similarities to table shuffleboardand shove ha’penny ; though smaller.

The use of powder shall be neither excessive nor scanty. Exactly in the centre of the Carrom Board there shall be a circle of 3. However, the height of. It is a kind of foul. Carrommen, and they shall be uniform. If a player pockets queen and the carromman in a single strike, then queen is considered to be covered.

Carrom is played using small disks of wood or plastic known as carrom men sometimes abbreviated CM, c. Other play-area sizes are not used in tournaments and competitions. A penalty shall be imposed as per Rule 63 a. In addition, as an alternative to using the fingers to flick the striker, some of the American carrom boards use miniature cue sticks. Thumbing is allowed by International Carrom Federation which allows the player to shoot with any finger including the thumb known as “thumbing”, “thumb shot”, or “thumb hit”.


The European Carrom Confederation coordinates all the activities related to carrom with these countries. The bulb used, preferably. It is illegal to pot the Queen after the last piece since the queen must always be covered.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. If the score is 22 or more he shall be. No protest shall be entertained without payment of scrutiny fee. During those five minutes, umpires would complete all the formalities as required by them and in the meantime players may have trial testing of the board for two minutes to be completed before the scheduled time of the match. A Striker, with metal fixed and visible to the eyes. If the score is 22 or more, he.

Carrom – Quick Guide

A Foul shall be declared against the offending player as per Laws. The Carrom Board, when placed on.

All matches shall be decided only by the best of three games. The frames around the playing surface are made of wood which rise above the playing surface to a height of 1. In case his partner does not find the.

The Striker shall be smooth and round with a diameter of not more than 4. Two straight lines of 47 cm in length with admissible variation of 0.

The playing surface of the Carrom Board should be of plywood or of any. The player who gets to 25 first is declared winner of a game. Table or Stand E. The Queen shall be taken out for placing by the Umpire.

Participants from various countries form teams for major tournaments or championships conducted across the globe. A Carromman shall be of not less than 0. If not noticed by the Umpire or by the opponent, before the next stroke is made, the Queen shall be recorded as properly covered. Board is placed for play shall not be less. Carrom has become quite popular over the years and many countries are coming forward to learn and organize professional tournaments.


A decorative arch of 6. The Umpire may assist on request. The Umpire may assist on request. Loss of Entire Match. Thus there shall be nine white, nine black and one red Carrommen, and they shall be uniform.

Table or Stand E. Carrom Precision sports Disk-flicking games Tabletop cue games Indian board games. The Official Laws of Carrom were passed after thorough discussions in. Unlike other indoor games, there are no mixed doubles team. There are smaller boards and boards with larger pockets. A Striker, with metal fixed and visible to the eye, shall not be allowed.

Carrom – Wikipedia

In this format, the striker is slid across the board and not flicked as done in professional carrom. Carrom is a popular indoor game, believed to have originated in India in the 18 th century. Black carries five points, white carries interntaional points, and queen 25 or 50 points depending on the group. A striker made of any material other than metal or ivory, with the specifications prescribed above, may be used.