If you have used another IDE for a while and memorized your favorite keyboard shortcuts, you can choose one of the IntelliJ IDEA’s predefined keymaps that. Command. Shortcut. Open Solution or Project. ⌘+⇧+O. Show Action List. ⌥+ Enter. Search Everywhere. Double-⇧. Navigate To ^+⇧+G. Find Usages. ⌥+F7. Default (IntelliJ IDEA)/ Mac OS X + (IntelliJ IDEA) — this keymap is recommended for users who have experience with IntelliJ IDEA or some of the JetBrains.

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Refer to the section Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts to learn how to specify keyboard shortcuts.

Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. This read-only field shows the list of shortcuts associated with the selected action in the current keymap. Show Errors in Solution window. Use this page to search for shortcuts and actions in the selected keymap, create, edit, and remove custom keymaps, and change shortcuts associated with actions in custom keymaps.

Repeat Tests Until Failure. EclipseJavaWindows 7. My personal oppinion is that eclipse is better than intellij and its free no charge to use. Click this button to inyellij the Find Shortcut dialog to filter out the desired actions by keystrokes.


Show intention actions Improve or optimize a code construct. Or redefine your Ubuntu key mappings to allow IntelliJ to stay unchanged.

Show Version Control window. For quite some time, while programming in Eclipse, I had the problem that Subclipse refused to remember my subversion password. When the focus is on a tool window with a tree, list, or table, start typing to see matching items.

IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse Shortcuts

Use AltCtrland Shift modifiers for diversity. Notify me of new posts by email.

While learning the new shortcuts is important. Most of its actions navigation, refactoring, debugging, etc.

Then select the necessary action and press Enter to execute it. The actions with shortcuts that match the specified criteria are shown in the content pane of actions.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Mac OS X + (IntelliJ IDEA) Keymap – Help | JetBrains Rider

View recent files Select a recently opened file from the list. Each keymap file contains only differences between the current and the parent keymaps. Remove Selected Tests Tool Window. Import custom keymap If you have a customized keymap that you are used to, you can transfer it to your installation.

In the content pane of actions, select the desired action.


Keymap – Help | IntelliJ IDEA

Yesterday I’ve installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my machine and came across some problems when trying to run Eclipse 3.

The keystrokes are immediately reflected in the First Stroke field. Open File or Folder. Try out the key combinations that you use and make necessary adjustments.

The content pane will show only the actions with the matching shortcuts. This checkbox appears when a non-English keyboard layout has been detected only available for MacOS.

Mastering IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts

When you re-configure shortcut associations for the first time, IntelliJ IDEA will automatically create a copy of the currently selected predefined keymap, which then becomes editable Intellik Management Buttons Item Description Keymaps From this drop-down list, select the desired keymap.

Move Caret to Page Bottom with Selection. Thanks a lot, very useful post, easy to work inteellij Intellij who has to work on Eclipse.

I found it very useful. Click to clear the current search pattern from the text box.