Instant Attraction (Wilder Book 1) – Kindle edition by Jill Shalvis. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. The first in a new series by veteran romance author Shalvis hits the ground running. After Katie Kramer survives a devastating accident, she. Instant Attraction Shalvis Katie Kramer survives a near fatal tragedy and determines that she must live big else her survival would have been.

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And what there is doesn’t grow or change. It is the no regrets, come what may attitude that just makes her wins my heart. Wilder series by Jill Shalvis. After a near death experience Katie now has the attitude that she’s going to live life with her “balls out”. Filled with characters I adored and not one, but two romances I was invested in, Instant Attraction charmed me from the first page to the last, leaving me fully satisfied and hungry for Ms.

I was laughing at loud.

Instant Attraction

Now she’s taken a temporary job at Wilder Adventures and Expeditions; and it comes with housing. And I got a few good chuckles: Wishful, California United States. So Katie and Cam get together–and it’s good. Most Helpful Most Recent. Did not read the print version, so have no way of comparing the two versions. The hero, Cameron Wilder, is a guy who got famous by being one of the best in snow sports but after a terrible accident could not longer compete and became a regular guy once again.

Cameron Wilder was a professional athlete until an accident that cost him his profession. Cam is stubbornly clinging to his own inability to move forward, while Katie opens herself for new adventures. Katie Kramer was the sole survivor of the catastrophic Santa Monica bridge collapse that killed thirty people.


I admit I might have overreacted. The writing style was light, not quite comical but approaching it sort of tongue in cheek.

These emotions come through so well in Shalvis’ writing. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall.

He takes off on his own for about a year on a soul searchin This was my first experience with this author, and I was pleased. The book is extremely well-done.

The last line is a little wishful thinking for their future Living only for her plane and the open sky, she eagerly rushes to help save the people of a small Mexican town from a raging wildfire.

Cam started out as one of the most grim, morose heroes I’ve read about in a while. What was one of the most memorable moments of Instant Attraction? He spent the last year wandering around the world, trying to “find” himself.

Sculptor Nick Mitchell grew up in a family attratcion artists and learned from his volatile father that passion leads only to pain. Instant Attraction Wilder Book 1 Author s: He’s lost so much, but he returns to the family business.

Cam loved the mountain life and the winter sports, and became a champion snowboarder and Olympic medalist.

Instant Attraction (Wilder Adventures, book 1) by Jill Shalvis

But thankfully Katie did. She had issues, but she was so damn sincere and open and honest and I related to her so much. Instead, he gets a neighbor. Those Wilder men are irresistible. Although he won’t let love consume him, for ecstasy with an expiration date, he’s all in.

I liked his character for the most part but his fear over his feelings for Katie annoyed me although I could understand why he would have some fears.


Instant Attraction Audiobook | Jill Shalvis |

I read Instant Attraction a while back and really enjoyed it. View all 6 comments. I was just hoping that he had enough sense to see that Katie was the best thing that ever happened to him. I was about a third of the way through the book when I stopped to shalbis what else she reads. He’s a snowboarder that was injured and is having to figure out his life attractipn now that he can no longer compete.

So they dance around atttraction other The problem with Cam, for me, was that he is having the “sorry-for-myself” issue. This was my first experience with this author, and I was pleased.

Did he think his snowboarding career was going to last forever?

She hsalvis let fear stop her. Cam has been hurt many times. But being awakened in the middle of the night by a gorgeous stranger may just be a bit too dangerous for her She almost never disappoints.

With a renewed sense of purpose and zest for life, Katie is looking to experience adventure and freedom in the most liberating of ways.

Jill Shalvis is fast becoming an auto-read for me, her contemporaries have so real and likable characters. Give me more of the Wilder bunch! Added to that is the betrayal he experiences with his ex. I loved reading about her struggles with her own relationship with Nick.