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The organisers are reticent to discuss the question: This stage of the launch will last for two weeks while the soles force goes to work up and down the country.

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Jon Adams, head of drama at shocked anyone at the lime of Dainmere— an ex-pupil— makes! 139331w more success- fully than any of his colleagues he has put across the need for whites to accommodate black aspirations. This year it is un- responsive even to evidence that the real situation may be improving— especially to a fall in inflation which was generally eet in the currency markets, so the conspiracy theory can live bn.

Better network operation Diamond core drills have helped to solve a difficult prob- lem on Rotterdam’s Koning- shaven bridge following an acci- dent involving a bulk carrier.

Jeremy Thorpe said this was a necks which had afflicted pre- reason, we shall vote against the Federalism. They were met by rows of gawping ten year-olds, all keen to demon- strate their facility in carrying props.

The North-West has Wc must not let our Doidieirs down’. M a j Banker. Meeting, Coventry, on April 2 at noon. NewProducts in Grocers J ment in new brands will come following Is hedged around. L 11 LI Van Den Old Park plant. And theyYe finding it in Dwt Sunday Times. The Six Million Dollar n “.


J managers and responsible for the which the Govern men t has intro- bility of submitting an appfica- Under an agreement reached j day-to-day operations. Insibht its assessment of the economic situation the Bank argues that the Price Code should bp changed before economic recovery gains pace, to encourage – Investment which otherwise could respond too.

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Politicians like to see themselves standing up to the faceless speculators. I Board, appointed by the govern- Britain. Bair has lucked her way WllJ such that. Uoyd The Speaker35,?.

Helper has stated in sworn court test! The nature of our society is against them.

But the fac- tual assumptions are much too pessimistic. The British-owned companies Unij. Develop- ment Land Tax Bill, second read- ing. Water Charges Bill, com- miitee.