An Inquisitor’s power is, on paper, higher than anyone – except the So yes, that inquisitor could declare exterminatus, but nobody will do it out. Exterminatus. A Warhammer 40, graphic novel. Inquisitor Delius Alastor, traumatised by the death of his retinue, battles the plots and schemes of the.

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However, most of them don’t use these methods often. This might even let them beat the ‘nids and chaos through starvation unless it does the knquisitor.

The destruction of the entire population is deemed necessary to prevent the contagion from spreading further.

Oversight on Exterminatus orders is fairly nonexistent and it’s easy to see why. Community Forum Discord Server. For help on citation see the citation guidelines.

Exterminatus | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Imperium’s only solution is to just declare the trigger happy sod Excommunicate Traitoris afterwards if they don’t agree.

Destroyed by the Ultramarines due to Genestealer infestation. Retrieved from ” http: Cyclonic Torpedoes are pretty variable in their strength, either due to there inquissitor different classes of torpedoes or the fact that the strength of a single cyclonic torpedo has never been nailed down in official materials. Very well used, but complete and useable. Also, given that their standard guns can disintegrate adamantium, and they don’t mind waiting a few million years to achieve their goals, an enterprising or bored Lord could just order his legions to start shooting rocks, making for a thorough but hilariously slow exterminatus.

The Tau exterminatjs also one of the extfrminatus factions in 40k who still possess functioning terraforming technology the Eldar lost theirs during the FallTyranid “terraforming” is more just them going about eating everything, and Necron terraforming is an Exterminatus on its ownso they can restore exterminated planets to habitability again, provided they haven’t been utterly destroyed Deathstar-style. So the Emprah had to sent fleets to colonize planets left over by World Eaters, which was a pain in the arse for him.

Krieg is an example of a radioactive perpetual-winter world that survived multiple cyclonic torpedo strikes, though in this case it was exyerminatus a much smaller scale and in some sources are described as standard nukes.


The second stage is a modified Cyclonic Plasma Charge exgerminatus destabilises the core, in most cases physically destroying the planet from the inside out. It’s the last-ditch measure and it’s there because exterminnatus alternative sucks even worse.

All life on the planet destroyed by the Ordo Malleus during the Months of Shame [7]. Former homeworld of the Word Bearers. In most cases, boxed games and box sets do not come with dice. There has also been one instance of an entire Hive World being poisoned by the Dark Eldar, smashing a Space Hulk at a realm and havings its warp drives detonate to release hordes of daemons, and there’s also counting the DE’s ability to steal entire suns; allowing them to turn entire habitable planets into ice worlds if need be.

In this case, it’s ours, and a full-scale thermonuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union who each have thousands and thousands of nukes would be enough to kill off humanity multiple times over. Be the first to write a review.

Inquisitor – Exterminatus Magazine Exterminatus is the magazine devoted to the latest new rules and releases for Inquisitor.


Their planet was ripe for colonization, and when the Tau arrived, the Poctroon all died of a ‘mysterious’ contagion, though the Tau obviously have admitted no diabolical fuckery.

In theory, the doomsday device of Dr. This means you can take 15 Chapter Masters in inuisitor 2k list. Learn more – opens in new window or tab. You’re covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing. In one case, ol’ Abby dropped a dozen exterminatks fry a single hive, in another a single torpedo is a qualified planet cracker. International postage and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc.

But that’s only if you’re lame. Add to Watch list.

To further fear them is redundant; to hate them, heretical. Several factions outside the Imperium do things similar to the Imperial Exterminatus adding any examples from the lore would be greatly appreciated. If said inhabitants started space-faring like a certain Chakatthen you could call your local Inquisition or any Xeno manly enough to get shit done, just like the Covenant shown in the image. This “Armageddon Gun” can split a planet in half with one shot. Accepted, Eligibility for PayPal Credit is determined at checkout.


Those more sensible will place responsibility with those who forced the hands of the Inquisition. Add to Watch list Watching. Exterminatus is the name of a terrible order in High Gothic given by the highest authorities of the Imperium of Man to destroy an entire planetary biosphere and all life upon a world.

Iron Warriors base destroyed by the Imperial Fists. If they had, the Tyranids would have had all of the genetic data of the Orks and the Eldar, enabling them to fashion unthinkable monstrosities.

People who viewed this item also viewed. Such is his methods that he’s the closest thing the Chaos Daemons have to a true planetary exterminatus. Add to Watch list Watching Watch list is full. Get the item you ordered or your money back. In the end, the only inwuisitor to survive the destruction, were heretics held up in massive fortresses. The over the top villainy of Warhammer 40k means that some fuckholes within the Imperium do get trigger happy with this, ordering an Exterminatus on worlds over things like exterminnatus few of its people coming into contact with alien technology, or a small hint of heresy that would probably not require killing everything, or a loose pubic hair being in the Imperial’s cereal this morning.

Rather than a colossal meltdown, the reactor exploded with furious energy and blew the entire planet apart with the force of its blast.

The Tau also have orbital high-yield nuclear warhead options, but they generally use them to generate EMP pulses to blackout a wide area. It is proven that even Tyranids can accidentally cause an Exterminatus that doesn’t involved being devoured. Because we’re bastards like that.

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