Eamon, a powerful elf lord, is determined to make her his INKED DESTINY is a true sequel to INKED MAGIC, which should be read first. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for the novels of Jory Strong “Spicy, sassy, sexy, and off-the-charts sensual.”—Romantic Crush Junkies Reviews. Inked Destiny (An Inked Magic Novel) [Jory Strong] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The righting of an ancient wrong. A future foretold.

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Both of them wish to claim Etain, and she wants to have them both. I hate inmed that was barely answered. Three big storyline manage to converge very nicely and wrap around each other very well. Maybe it was because I was tired of reading about it and not about progress with Eamon but I mayic through a lot of the sex scenes. She is estranged from the family that raised her, except for the occasional work with her brother.

Inked Destiny by Jory Strong | : Books

She kissed downward, tongue replacing the pad of her thumb, hands free to undo his belt and pants. Notify me of new comments via email. Inked Magic 2 books. Cathal Maic is a wealthy night club owner. Jul 12, Sheila White rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am an eighteen years old female so it wasn’t like I lost any innocence, but I do think I was naive befo I got this book curtsy of Goodreads so I was determine to give it a shot despite all the reviews regarding how erotic it would be.

Through her art, she can help people remember loved ones or even give them strength to better their lives.

She’s helped the police which happen to include her estranged father and brother on several cases, and this story revolves around two in particular- which are unrelated rape cases one of the places things got a little confusing for me. There is a Harlequin Rapist who remains sttong large. Paperbackpages. Jul 12, Amy maagic it really liked it.


Both men want her to themselves but because she wants both of them they are willing to try to make it work. This story did have substance, Etain was helping the FBI find a rapist and whether they were using her as bait or if they were truly just using her for her talents is up for debate.

Inked Destiny (Inked Magic, #2) by Jory Strong

While Eamon is okay with Cathal’s presence in their lives, Cathal doesn’t feel the same about Eamon She uses this ability to help the police when they are stuck and have no where else to go, but this ability comes at a great cost to her physically.

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I am an eighteen years old female so it wasn’t like I lost any innocence, but I do imked I was naive before reading this book. Jul 11, Lesley rated it it was amazing. It reached the point when I honestly stopped trying to keep track of the political subplots and just tried to focus on the primary and secondary love relationships. Etain struggles to find a balance.

Review: Inked Magic by Jory Strong

Niked promise to be good. And if you happen to hold a fascination for anything fae this is a great new take on them, and one that will hopefully be expounded in the next book, Inked Destiny.

Aug 03, Anna rated it really liked it. Inked Magic is full of intrigue, magic, and sizzling hot smexy scenes making this a book I didn’t want to put down. The righting of an ancient wrong. Usually when a story tries to do both, one ends up lacking. Given the issues I had with the first story and the fact that I had more with this one, I am afraid I will not continue reading this series. It’s liable to be an interesting ride and I can’t wait to see where it goes.


I think knowing that this was the first in a series would have altered my perception of the ending. The story flowed perfectly mayic Inked Magic to Inked Destiny. Oct 27, Courtney Green rated it it was ok.

Some might have been avoided if I had re-read the first book immediately before starting this one but I think I still would have struggled with all of the subplot lines. I really cared about what was going on with them, the magic was plausible and fascinating, and the sex was hot. Granted they were at odds throughout most of the book which disappointed me they did stand up for her even if they had their own motives and they came through for her in the end. Her family has abandoned her unless they need her help, but that has not stopped her from making a new family of friends.

Unfortunately, I thought the plot with the Harlequin rapist had a lot of unked in it. I found myself confused at times wondering who worked for whom and what various characters were. Cathal might be human but he is warrior strong but plagued by doubts fueled by half I want more! Action, drama, suspense, sex, and magic are all things to look forward to in this novel.

He opened the door and walked into the shop. All in all, I gave this story a 3 out of 5 stars. I wish to see mwgic happen in more mainstream romance, not just erotica and erotic romance.