At the beginning of this haunting and masterful novel from the late Wagamese ( –), eight-year-old Saul Indian Horse is alone, having. Saul Indian Horse is in critical condition. Sitting feeble in an alcoholism treatment facility, he is told that sharing his story will help relieve his agony. Though. Indian Horse, a severe yet beautiful novel by Ojibway writer Richard Wagamese, concerns Saul Indian Horse, a former hockey star undergoing.

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It’s something that’s either not taught or barely taught in schools and is largely stepped over in the telling of Canadian history, but is something that tortured wagameze of peoples and continues to affect thousands of lives. This history is on one level hard to believe because it represents such a massive, appalling and coercive case of racist social engineering over a long time period, with inevitably devastating ongoing cultural consequences as it worked to extinguish the language and traditions of d Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a dramatic effort to probe, reveal and help overcome the grim history of government confinement of aboriginal children to church-run Residential Schools over many years.

Indian Horse

He is eight years old. He is six years old. In this oppressive environment, Saul is denied the freedom to speak his language or embrace his Indigenous culture and he witnesses and experiences all kinds of richadd at the hands of the very people who were entrusted with his care.

I was moved to tears by the very first page as a result of Wagamese’s ability to instill feelings of nostalgia for a time I never lived. I want to believe that they did not know. In the school, subject to crushing cruelty, Saul discovers intuitive gift and escape in reserve hockey.

You drink down to the place that only diehard drunkards know; the world at the bottom of the well where you huddle in darkness, haunted forever by the knowledge of light. If you want hors read a story that describes a powerful hopefulness, then read this book. And integration, especially through forced attendance at a Residential School, isn’t a preferred solution.

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. April 7, I finished reading this book on April 4th, 3 days ago, and have struggled to put my thoughts down here since then. But wqgamese I saw was a spot of flattened grass and, on the shore, a big fish. Creator in her wisdom knew this. Rest in Peace Richard Wagamese.


Saul Indian Horse introduced himself to me as the son of John Indian Horse and Mary Mandamin, grandson of Solomon, member of the Fish Clan of the northern Ojibway, the Anishinabeg as they call themselves and whose people made their home along the Winnipeg River.

I still want to read more by this author; perhaps someone can recommend another title more? Saul becomes so good that he’s called up to the minor leagues, but ricnard taunting and racist attacks only get worse, and the game he loves no longer feels the same. At first I am a little skeptical because I do inddian remember anyone living that way in Champion bull-rider Joe Willie Wolfchild is poised to win the most sought after title in rodeo when a devastating accident at the National Finals leaves his body and ambitions in tatters.

To be fair you have to give me that!

Book Review: Indian Horse, by Richard Wagamese | National Post

Perhaps I thought that if I just went there answers would come to me from some other plane. The details laid out in “Indian Horse” are incredible and unfathomable, and I feel a bit slighted having wagamexe heard about this before. And this is all done in the name of Christianity. In novels such as Dream Wheels and a memoir For Joshua: A critically acclaimed memoir entitled For Joshua: Saul Indian Horse is dying.

Wagamese bleakly corroborates this catalogue of horror. I wanted to play with the children that I imagined attended the school. Indiqn pellets of rain were warm and Benjamin and I caught them on our tongues as our grandmother laughed behind us. This novel has opened my eyes to the horrible atrocities committed behind closed doors.

Living outside of Canada, if I do happen across a Canadian author among the used books, I have to have heard of them. Aug 13, Lorina Stephens rated it it was amazing. The slow reveal of sexual abuse felt added in for the wrong reasons and didn’t seem to fit. Eventually, he moves in with a family in Manitouwadge, so he can play in the native tournaments. It is Saul’s job to tell his story and my job to shut up and listen.

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However, the skill with which he tackles this subject has reached new heights. He is such a master of empathy — of delineating the experience of time passing, of lessons being learned, of tragedies being endured — that what Saul discovers becomes something the reader learns, as well, shocking and alien, valuable richarv true. The brilliance of the writing is how Richard Wagamese manages to tell a complex history and difficult story in a relatively short read.

View all 4 comments. The author’s style is stripped-down, almost stark, straightforward but powerful in its blunt strength.

Saul resorts to giving them what they want and becomes the rampaging redskin and, in so doing, loses all the joy he had in the game.

I am intrigued by Saul’s name. Thinking we’ve heard and read enough; hosre we know the story now; that we were not individually, personally, responsible; that yes some bad things, some very bad things, happened and we really really wish they hadn’t, but those things are in the past.

I begin this book with both eagerness and trepidation. We meet Saul Indian Horse as a young adult in an alcohol treatment program being tasked to write his story as part of his therapy. At rjchard time, there were Aboriginal children in my class who were treated horribly by the teachers.

I was convinced not to go by my parents who wondered just what on earth I had to offer and suggested I owed it to my own then 2 year old child not to go and get shot.

Indian Horse – Wikipedia

Home – where memories are held, things kept, the sum of us. You can make Grover swear, or not, depending on which sentence you’re thinking about at the time.

If Kathleen Winter is right, how could any Canadian not want to read richar a book? For instance, the author writes: