W. CAPROMA S.L.L.. X X. MANZANARES 24/10/ ADMINISTRADOR. BELÉN PINÉS TOLEDO. W. CAPROMA S.L.L.. X X. Dec 11, Here, you will be asked to complete either the “Modelo ” form, or the “Modelo ”, also known as the “declaración censal”. The Modelo. Modelo de la Agencia Tributaria de España. Se realiza a través de la declaración censal de alta mediante los modelos ó

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Paper filing of form “Census declaration of registration, modification or deregistration from the Census of Business Persons, Professionals and Employers” is done using the form available on the website.

You can access this option at “File and view tax returns”, in the section “Top procedures” of the E-Office or from the section “All procedures”, “Census, tax code and tax address”, “Census”, “Forms andCensus of businesspersons, professionals and employers – Census declaration of registration, modification and deregistration and simplified census declaration”.

Click on the declarwcion to access the full list of procedures.

As stated in the notice, form in PDF format is a draft and is not valid until it has been submitted at the Tax Agency offices. Thus, the effective registration date will be the date when it is reclaracion in printed form at the Tax Agency offices. This draft may only be used within the term of one month from its validation date. If this term elapses without the full declaration being presented, it will be declaraicon.


At the top of the form there is a series of buttons and devlaracion to the rest of the pages of the form. Click on the button “Examine” to import a file generated using an external program. This file must be constructed in plain text format. You can find the form design for online filing and the rest of the requirements in the section “Information and assistance” for the form.

If you do not have a file for completion, you should enter the reason for filing the tax return and the pages corresponding to the cause or causes previously stated. Form also allows you to save the tax return generated in order to subsequently recover it.

Electronic copy of form – Tax Agency

When you have finished, you will need to validate it. At the bottom of the form, click on “Validate”.

A PDF document will be generated including the receipt number, reference number, date and time with the pages of the census form in which any data has been entered. You can save it on your computer and should print it for submission at the Tax offices or Branch corresponding to your tax address, accompanied with declarzcion required documentation in each case, where the census form will be recorded as final.


Electronic Office – Tax Agency:

If you have any questions when filling in the tax return, consult the “Information and Assistance” for the form. Submission on paper of Form Click on “Complete, validate and obtain in PDF for printing “. The characters included in the following list declaraacion be used when filling out the form: