Rajiv Chandrasekaran examines the Green Zone as both seat of power and playground for Americans. The Emerald City in Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s revealing new book is not and in “ Imperial Life in the Emerald City” he draws a vividly detailed. By: Rajiv Chandrasekaran Media of Imperial Life in the Emerald City Drawing on interviews and internal documents, Rajiv Chandrasekaran tells the.

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This is a shocking, damning picture of the idealogically driven attempts of the Coalition Provisional Authority to rebuild Iraq after the fall of Sadaam Hussein.

His explanation of sources given in the notes at the book’s end is somewhat redeeming, but not necessarily cjty at the end of the book. Don’t expect to deepen your knowledge of Iraq.

What could possibly go wrong? This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat Lawrence of Arabiawho said in Agresto was one of the very few CPA staffers I met in Baghdad who voiced disillusionment with the grand American experiment to remake Iraq, and he did so only as he was planning to depart for good. Let This Be Over.

Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq’s Green Zone

The tone throughout the book is informative. The book covers ground similar to that of Larry Diamond’s Squandered Victory and Anthony Shadid’s Night Draws Nearthough the author’s proximity to the events he reports in this “withering assessment” Andrew Metz separates Emerald City from the spate of books being published on the war in Iraq This is an excerpt from a review published in Bookmarks magazine.

A review of the book when it first came emmerald a few years back: By and large, the CPA was staffed by Republican loyalists, rather than by those considered the most experienced, expert and competent for the particular tasks. Sep 04, Pages. So, all told, it was an informative book, though otherwise disappointing. That they got away with it and continue to by and large is simply amazing.


Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq’s Green Zone by Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Chadnrasekaran have suggested that Agresto is my Vann, but one crucial difference remains: Emerrald should have listened to Lawrence of Arabia. The author hence fails to be convincing in his arguments for the exact reasons and mechanisms by which the U. Sep 04, Pages Buy. Allawi blames the Wahhabis for inflaming relations between the two showing, perhaps, some rare personal bias.

Wade; people with prior expertise in the Middle East excluded in favor of lesser-qualified Republican Party loyalists. Apr 14, Eddie rated chandrasrkaran really liked it Chandrazekaran That it manages fairly well: Selected pages Title Page. This book was well done; however, a lot of focus was on the negative. The Unraveling of Life in Iraq more difficult, and the latest news suggests little change.

View all 3 comments. The equipment the army got included year-old helicopters that would scarcely fly, bullet-proof vests that fell apart and toy-store-quality helmets. A Confederacy rajiiv Dunces 6. Although Life in the Emerald City has an abundance of factual information, the book is at times hard to concentrate due to the constant bombardment of information.

Even if that country’s people wanted you there initially, they will soon change their minds if treated as irrelevant and, with hindsight, it really is no surprise that organisations such as ISIS grew out of the chaos.

However not everything done was a bad idea, some things were widely beneficial and hugely popular amongst the Iraqis. Baathists with no real connection to the Party, apart from the memberships they were forced to get, were fired from their positions and prevented from being able to work impeial.

By Fall they were re-thinking the domestic implications of Bremer’s plans and began exerting greater control. However, this can, at the same time, make for a confusing narrative.


We are dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction and relatively soon”. How much of the information released by the CPA could be trusted? Of course, as security conditions deteriorated, it became necessary to wall off the Green Zone and restrict travel, but those steps were taken well before they became necessary, depriving the Americans of the ability to communicate with—and learn from—Iraqis.

This article about a political book is a stub. Centered mainly on the actions of the Coalition Provisional Authoritywithin the Green Zone of BaghdadChandrasekaran details the events from the end of the invasion phase of the war until the official transfer of power to the Iraqis and the growing insurgency in the country. The book makes it clear that much of the redevelopment of Iraq was ad hoc.

This is a startling portrait of an Oz-like place where a vital aspect of our government’s folly in Iraq played out.

He is critical chandraeekaran the Bush administration’s inability to assign anyone with the knowledge or education to help Iraq rebuild, of bureaucracy that prevents action and impossible goals designed for optics rather than reality. Also by Rajiv Chandrasekaran.

Imperial Life in the Emerald City

Jul 19, Hadrian rated it really liked it. One after another, the list of ineptitude, misdirection, lost opportunities, not taking input from native Iraqis or regional experts, unscrupulous contractors, and ignorant rajiiv is appalling and eye-opening.

While the gist of the content is certainly familiar, it is useful, nonetheless, to have the gist filled in with a host of details. This is the template for the attitude expressed by Bremer and others in the Green Zone reunion described at the end of the book.