Eli Benjamini, Richard Coico, and Geoffrey Sunshine “Immunology: A Short Course undertakes to cover all the important areas of contemporary. Immunology: A Short Course, Sixth Edition introduces all the critical topics of modern immunology in clear and succinct yet comprehensive fashion. The authors. Immunology: A Short Course, Sixth Edition introduces all the critical at www. features problem sets, quizzes, and a list.

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Finally, he would like to thank his mentors, Drs. The strength of Immunology: Open Preview See a Problem? Among the numerous additional features are clinical case scenarios and new, full-color illustrations that have been specially designed for this edition.

Immunology: A Short Course – Richard Coico, Geoffrey Sunshine – Google Books

Since the last edition, significant developments in biomedical research have helped to refine and, in some cases, redefine our understanding of many aspects of the immune system. Jeanette Thorbecke, each of richxrd has greatly influenced his commitment and passion to the road taken. He directs CUNY Microbiology and Immunology courses and also participates directly in the teaching of immunology to graduate students.

The authors offer uniquely-balanced coverage of coufse and contemporary approaches and basic and clinical aspects.

A Short Coursecompletely updated on a chapter-by-chapter basis, contains extensive revisions to reflect the many recent advances in our understanding of immunology.

I’m in the course. Often times a concept will be introduced and not properly explained.

Richard Coico would like to acknowledge the loving support of his family during the writing of this book. His research interests include studies of the regulation of antibody responses and germinal center formation, immunologu of T cell-mediated B cell activation, and the physiologic role of IgD in the immune system.


Elizabeth Nguyen rated it really liked it Oct 08, I love how simple yet informative the figures are. The Fourth Edition of Immunology: The Short Course Begins Here.

Return to Book Page. Lisa rated immynology liked it Dec 29, A Short Course complements the broad coverage of immunology as a biological discipline with a full set of clear and attractive illustrations of cellular and molecular details of the immune system.

Each chapter is divided into short, self-contained units that address key topics illustrated by uniformly drawn, full-color illustrations, many brand new to this edition. This book is a chore. Generation of Antibody Diversity. David Chicoine rated it it was amazing Jul 02, Special thanks is extended to the following list of colleagues who generously provided their insightful scientific expertise and many helpful suggestions for the Fourth Edition: Praise for the previous edition: Its a good book for beginners because the author has made complex immunology simple while at the same time have added the details to each topic.

Karen Yamaga, who updated the autoimmunity chapter. Their fortitude, inspiration, and enduring patience helped make the job an enjoyable adventure. A Short Course ] offers a valuable balance between classic and contemporary, academic and clinical, and will serve many students, and their teachers well.

Wiley – Benjamini/Immunology: A Short Course 4E

You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site. Dictionary of Plant Tissue Rihard A. Richard Coico [ coico med. His research interests include the immunobiology of protein antigens, mechanisms of immune regulation, and principles of synthetic vaccine.

To ask other readers questions about Immunollgyplease sign up. David Kong rated it it was amazing Aug 03, As with the previous editions, the strength CassellsPeter B.


The explanations are easily understood, also the questions at the end of each chapter are very helpful.

A Short Course, 7th Edition introduces all the critical topics of modern immunology in a clear and succinct yet comprehensive fashion. Geoffrey Sunshine would like to thank Peter Brodeur Tufts University Medical School and Cindy Theodos Tufts University Veterinary School for their unstinting help during the preparation of his section of the current edition; they reviewed chapters in both the Third and Fourth Editions, and offered suggestions for making the material relevant and accessible to introductory readers.

Immunology: A Short Course, 7th Edition

As in the first three editions, we remain committed to the motto ”less is more. In addition, several new chapters have been added to the book, including one on cytokines and another on resistance and immunization to infectious diseases.

Reem rated it really liked it Nov 21, Patricia Giclas, who updated the complement chapter, and Dr. Richard CoicoGeoffrey Sunshine. The sixth edition of this successful textbook newly covers: Biologic Properties of IgM. Included in this fully revised new edition: The important contributions of Dr. A Short Course by Richard Coico. A Short Course, Fourth Edition is the clear choice when searching for a concise and accessible book in modern immunology.

Other times a concept will be glossed over with a promise to discuss it later. The authors offer a uniquely balanced coverage of classical and contemporary approaches, basic and clinical aspects.